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SAP UKI VAR, and Global SAP Platinum Partner, Atos, shares the results it’s getting from RISE with SAP

Global SAP Platinum Partner, Atos, was one of the first companies ever to move all its business-critical systems into SAP S/4HANA Cloud, as part of the  'RISE with SAP' business transformation service. This successful implementation spanned the entire Atos business across 71 countries, moving all 42 systems within a record time of under nine months.

Richard Filby, Global Head of Finance Systems at Atos, says, “We were very happy to be the first major SAP customer on RISE and I know the RISE with SAP offering has evolved significantly in the past year. Atos has a very complex landscape – a single 6Tb SAP instance managing the demands of over 100,000 users, with well over 500 interfaces to other systems so it was incredible to Go-live on time with a production cutover in a single weekend”.

75% Reduction in Time Spent on Technical Activities 

Atos is currently preparing for a significant change and needed a new sandbox to support that. In the past, that would take over six months to set up, but RISE with SAP enabled it to happen in ten days. Richard Filby estimates that they have cut time spent on technical activities by 75%, which has freed up the IT team to focus more on value-add tasks.

Richard explains, “We’re so much more agile as a business now. Changing any processes used to be so slow in our old environment. Now, if the business wants to improve the way we do things, like invoicing or the purchasing approval flow, we don’t have to do all the custom work in our main ERP. Instead, using SAP BTP (SAP Business Technology Platform) as the interface it pushes out to other systems quickly and seamlessly”.

The Business Can Self-Service in the Low/No-Code Environment

Another key benefit of moving to RISE with SAP is the advanced integration capabilities that SAP BTP enables. Atos found it complex and time-consuming to join together solutions within their old on-premise environment. RISE with SAP makes it possible to integrate with any SAP, partner or third-party solution, using the data model and business services on SAP BTP to connect it all.

Richard says, “SAP looks after all the authentication, networking, and connectivity so we don’t have to. We’re shifting from managing our own interfaces to taking advantage of the extensive services and apps on SAP BTP. We don’t need to code anything ourselves, it just connects and it works. The flexible token-based licensing model makes it easier for us to try things out without having to commit to a long-term contract. The business isn’t waiting on IT to do things now, as they can self-service in this low-code/no-code environment. It’s a game-changer for us”.

Helping to Achieve Atos Net-Zero Decarbonization Goals

Finally, Atos is excited at how RISE with SAP helped the organization improve its efficiency in achieving its net-zero goals. In the Cloud ERP environment, Atos chose from a range of options to reduce its carbon impact. “RISE with SAP will play a key part in helping us achieve our ambition to reach ‘net zero’ by 2028”, says Richard.

Atos is not only customer of RISE with SAP, but also an implementation partner. ‘Walking the talk’ allows this SAP Partner to share first-hand experiences, best practices, and benefits with its customers.

If you’re inspired by the tangible business benefits Atos is achieving with RISE with SAP, contact Kavita Sardesai, SAP Northern Europe Alliance Manager at Kavita.Sardesai@atos.net