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Imagine the following situation: A customer calls with a request for 60 pieces of a product by next month. The availability check returns 60, but the delivery proposal is spread over several months and reaching into next year. Your customer would like to adapt the delivery proposal, e.g. to merge some deliveries on the same date, and cancel some late deliveries.

This scenario is supported with the latest Version of the Review Availability Check Result screen available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208. Previously shipped features are described in the blog posts  Review Availability Check Result (RACR) and Review Availability Check Result – Insights by andreas.krause2

Adjust Confirmations

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208, the Review Availability Check Result screen offers the possibility to adjust the confirmations. You can merge confirmations into a selected confirmation or you can choose to remove all confirmations after a certain date.

Avaliability Check Result Overview


After pressing the “Adjust” button, you can merge confirmations as shown below.

Merge Confirmations

In addition, you can remove those deliveries that are after the last date accepted by the customer:

Remove Late Confirmations

After you have made your changes, the chosen list of confirmations is shown as an alternative, together with the original check result. This allows to easily revert your changes.

The video gives an impression how this works.

What else is new?

Apart from the adjustment capability, we have extended the use of RACR also to scheduling agreements. If you use scheduling agreements in combination with an ATP check, you can now use all features of RACR also for those documents

What’s next?

We will keep adding further capabilities to the Review Availability Check Result, such as:

  • Offer Enhanced adjustment capabilities, e.g. setting individual confirmations to zero

  • Provide details on basic methods, e.g.the Product Availability Check

  • Strengthened usability


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