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One of the basic notions of Event-Based Revenue Recognition in SAP S/4HANA Cloud is that you can control how revenues and costs are recognized for real-time transactions and during period-end closing of a financial period. These transactions are associated with events happening during the processing of a project, sales order, service document, or provider contract. Cost postings are continuously matched to revenues and reported as expenses, while revenues are posted to an income statement account.   

Among the most important parameters for this automated revenue recognition process is the revenue recognition key. To put it very simply, a revenue recognition key allows you to control how revenue recognition values are calculated. But if you want to put it a little bit more elaborately and consider this important parameter and its business background in depth, you might start to wonder: Which income statement accounts are the revenues posted to? What about the balance sheet accounts?  And what’s the specific underlying logic for the calculation of the revenue recognition values?

To answer these questions, we have got something to help you. Using the links to the SAP Help Portal provided below, you can find detailed information explaining the posting logic for all available revenue recognition keys in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. This piece of documentation provides an introductory explanation for the revenue recognition key, an example of a business scenario with specific data, a graphic to illustrate the processing steps of the integration scenario and their respective postings to income statement and balance sheet accounts, as well as an explanation for each event and the triggered posting.

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