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The Tenant Configurator for SAP Business One was successfully launched in SAP Business One  Cloud 1.1 PL 17 as a private cloud solution. As of SAP Business One Cloud 1.1. PL 18, the Tenant Configurator solution is available also for resellers in partner managed cloud. This means that as a reseller, you can leverage the Tenant Configurator capabilities in order to increase your sales and volume business.

There are two main models that describe how operators and resellers can work with the Tenant Configurator in public cloud:

In the first model, a cloud operator manages the Cloud Control Center and performs the configuration tasks in the Tenant Configurator for resellers.

In addition, the cloud operator creates and manages the onboarding pages for each reseller by using a unique URL/port for each reseller (illustrated in the diagram below).

The reseller simply needs to redirect SAP Business One prospects from his web site to the operator Cloud web site:

Diagram of Onboarding Pages Setup in the First Model


In this model, the operator specifies the reseller ID in the Tenant Configuration Wizard and manages all configuration steps for the reseller:


Watch this short demo to see how to work in this model.


In the second model, resellers themselves have access to the Cloud Control Center and also perform the configuration tasks in the Tenant Configurator (for example, create tokens, define templates, and so on).

In this case, resellers create and manage the onboarding pages on their own web site. As for the customer configuration page, resellers have the following two options (as illustrated in the next two diagrams):

  1. Redirect the SAP Business One prospect to the cloud operator's web site

  2. Embed the configuration page into their own web site


Diagram of Onboarding Pages Setup in the Second Model: Option 1



Diagram of Onboarding Pages Setup in the Second Model: Option 2


In either model or option, the operator and the reseller can use the Tenant Configurator API to customize the onboarding pages according to their needs.


For more details, visit the SAP Business One training portal (registration code is 2104111). This training is particularly recommended for resellers working with the Tenant Configurator for the first time.