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This blog post has been written to provide details on Replacement Process steps via Advanced Returns Management.

In a typical return’s scenario, materials brought from supplier can be returned due to various reasons such as quality, early delivery, etc. Buyers create a return purchase order and ship the material back to the supplier, further they can create credit memo for the return parts.

Return process flow:

However, for return cases most of the time replacement parts are requested back from the vendor via a new PO, here another invoice must be created in such case. The process includes manual work and is cumbersome.

Advanced Returns Management for Replacement part Scope Item BMK gives us flexibility and tracking for receiving Replacement material by creating a Replacement PO and simplifying invoice process.

Replacement Process Flow:

Business benefits

  • Lesser Manual Efforts

  • Streamlined Process

  • Better Visibility with Real Time Monitoring.

  • Cost Effective

Detailed Process Flow

1.) Purchaser creates returns PO, Doc Type – NB2 via app Create Purchase Order - Advanced (ME21N)

  • Returns tab will be visible in both Header and Item level.

  • Tick Replacement Material Requested.

  • Return Reason, Supplier RMA No can be provided for further analysis in Returns Tab.

2.) Create Outbound Delivery via My Purchase Orders - Due for Delivery (VL10B).

3.) Pick and Post Goods Issue via Change Outbound Delivery (VL02N).

Note – After Posting Goods Issue, Credit Memo can be created (Optional) even if Replacement Material Requested is tick in PO. Refer Note - 2887955

4.) Create Replacement PO via Receive Replacement Materials - From Vendor (MSR_VRM_GR).

  • Provide suitable selection criteria and search for return PO.

  • Once Return PO is displayed in App, click on the Item and navigate to Replacement Subsection to provide replacement quantity, Replacement Quantity should be equal to quantity in Return PO.

  • Multiple options for stock movements are also available which can be used according to requirement.

  • Click Save – Replacement PO will be created.

Note - Replacement PO will not be visible in Return PO Purchase Order History tab.


5.) Follow Up Activity

  • In Receive Replacement Materials from Vendor app select Returns Purchase Order line and click on Return Overview to display Return Steps.

  • System automatically creates Inbound Delivery against Replacement PO. Note Inbound Delivery No.

6.) Goods Receipt via app Change Inbound Delivery (VL32N).

  • Add Put away quantity and Perform Goods Receipt.

7.) Check Invoice Document via Display Purchase Order - Advanced (ME23N).

  • Once GR is done, system automatically creates a document in Invoice Verification that serves both as a credit memo and an invoice with value 0.

Advanced Return Process for Replenishment Materials completes with above steps.


This blog post should help you to understand in detail about the replacement process via Advanced Returns Management

Thanks for reading this blog post, hopefully the blog post was informative.


For more information on Advanced Returns Management

Below are helpful links can be referred.

FAQ - https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/1515540

Help Document - https://help.sap.com/doc/e5d7d184443d4612aa9a282007a7549f/2021/en-US/ARM_Supplier_Returns_Processes_...

Scope Item - https://rapid.sap.com/bp/#/browse/scopeitems/BMK


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