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The content of this blog is about the old version of Release Assessment and Scope Dependency Tool and, hence outdated.
Please refer to this blog to know about the latest version.

The Release Assessment and Scope Dependency tool provides updates on changes made to functionality of all product areas in S/4HANA Cloud. The tool has been updated with information for SAP S/4HANA Cloud release 2105.

Following are some of the main features introduced with this release,

  • Enhanced Setting of Activated Scope Items via excel upload

The scope items available in the “Activated Scope” card can now be set by uploading an excel file containing the list of scope items which are actively being used by you. You can download the complete list of scope items available as part of your activated scope and prepare the list to be uploaded based on your usage. Upload the file to set all the used scope items in one go. Save your selection by clicking on the “Save” button, for the remainder of the tool to reflect on the changes.

  • Inclusion of country filter while viewing What’s New Changes in RASD

Country filter is now inclusive of countries that are part of your activated scope to be considered for What’s New entries specific to localization. For example, the what’s new feature ‘Maintain Number Ranges for OBD’ is applicable for multiple countries but only the entries relevant to your company (based on the activated list of countries or the ones chosen in the country filter) will be shown. If you wish to view the details of changes for additional countries, you can refer to Analyze -> Localization page in RASD.

  • Merge of Release Summary reports

The excel reports available for download viz. “Changes overview per LoB” and “Innovations overview per LoB” have been combined into a single excel sheet. You will also find links to help documents for the changes listed in the excel.

  • Inclusion of Custom CDS view details in the FYA download

Used CDS view information leading to What’s New entries that are actionable items for customers are now shown in the download of For your Action section in the ‘By CDS Usage’ Page’. This is available as the last column ‘Custom CDS View’ in the download.

All these new features are available in the What’s New for RASD section (Home Page). Also, our extensive Help Document could help you in utilizing these features.

Hoping to hear from you on your experience with RASD tool. In case of queries/feedback, please write to us at @support_RASD@sap.com.