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Brief introduction to SAP customer reference recognition

Beneath the opportunity to act as official reference customer, there are further possibilities for appreciated customers to participate at the SAP customer reference recognition program and share written references as Business Transformation Study (BTS), Customer Reference Slide, Customer Quote, and Social Cards. Beyond that customers may participate at events or with videos, but this is not in scope of this blog.

Most of these written references are accessible at sap.com in the document section; however, quote slides are not added there.

Intention of the present blog

To both provide access to relevant quote slides of customers and to bundle relevant customer  reference information belonging to "Product Compliance for Discrete Industries" (SAP Product and REACH Compliance) this blog aims for.

This blog will be updated on a regular base.

SAP Product and REACH Compliance

Sustainability has a long tradition at SAP as you see already at the brief retrospection of compliance for articles and products with SAP:

  • Compliance for Products (CfP): somewhen around 2006 the first solution for compliance topics of customers in discrete industries was introduced as Compliance for Products (CfP).

  • SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0: while release 1.1 was for process industry purely, the release 2.0 combined in 2010 both process industry and discrete industries functionalities into SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0.

  • SAP EHSM Product Compliance: the successor product is known as "SAP EHSM Product Compliance" or "SAP Product Compliance for Discrete Industries" starting somewhen in 2013. However, since 2021 the official name of the solution is "SAP Product and REACH Compliance".

Customer Success Stories

Customer stories listed here do not make any claim to be complete related to SAP Product and REACH Compliance. There might be some outdated references dropped, there might be some references not in focus that were established by our partners.

The order of the customer reference information does neither point to any possible relevance nor on date of release; they appear in alphabetical order of the customer name.

Customer success stories at SAP are plugged off in general after three years, if there was no renewal process started. Means, in case one of these provided links to the stories does not work any longer, the story might be unplugged.



Basic data

Industry: Automotive - mechatronic systems combined with electronics, sensors, and software

Country: Germany

Stories at sap.com: customer reference slide

Customer Reference Slide 2023

Brose 2023: Smoothing Reporting on Material Data with SAP® Product and REACH Compliance and SAP Services and Support



Basic data

Industry: Industrial machinery and components

Country: Denmark

Stories at sap.com: customer reference slide   business transformation story

Customer Reference Slide 2020

2020 Grundfos: Improving Transparency and Compliance with SAP Product and REACH Compliance


Business Transformation Study 2020

2020 Grundfos: Digital product compliance processes provide transparency for 4,000 chemical substances and improve standards at Grundfos



Basic data

Industry: Power tools (plastics)

Country: Germany

Stories at SAP.com: customer reference slide

Customer Reference Slide 2020

2020 Metabowerke: Harmonizing Processes to Help Ensure Material and Product Compliance for a Growing Number of Products and Requirements



Basic data

Industry: Chemicals (plastics)

Country: Germany

Stories at SAP.com: customer reference slide

Customer Reference Slide 2021

2021 REHAU: Meeting Product and Country-Specific Legal Requirements with Confidence


Richard Wolf

Basic data

Industry: Life Science (medical engineering)

Country: Germany

Stories at SAP.com: customer reference slide, business transformation study

Customer Quote 2022

2022 Richard Wolf: Automatically Complying with Regulatory Guidelines for Chemicals


Business Transformation Study 2020

2020 Richard Wolf: How can Automation Support Compliance in an Increasingly Complex Regulatory Environment


Customer Reference Slide 2020

2020 Richard Wolf: Streamlining Product Compliance Reporting


Wittenstein SE

Basic data

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

Country: Germany

Stories at SAP.com: business transformation study

Business Transformation Study 2022

2022 Wittenstein - Driving Compliance Data Collection with Speed and Efficiency