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SAP delivered phase & sub-phase maintenance model called “reactive maintenance” in SAP S/4HANA 2021 release. It was released earlier in cloud version. Best practice code for the same in “4HH”. These phases or sub-phases cannot be modified! Activating the phase model for an order type has no effect on already created orders of the same type.

These phases can be compared to statuses which permits or prohibits the continuation of business process. This is done using “Phase Control Code” which is configurable & allows transition of phases.


Phases Of Reactive Maintenance with Other Details

Details of 9 Phases of Reactive Maintenance


Sub-Phases of Reactive Maintenance w.r.t Notification, Order & Operations

Source: https://blogs.sap.com/2022/04/28/highlights-for-asset-management-in-sap-s-4hana-2021/#1.1.


Working Model:

Reactive Maintenance Process with Approval Phase & Fiori App Details

  1. App Name: Create Maintenance Request:  App ID: F1511A

Notification / Maint. Request#   10000753

2. Screen Maintenance Requests (F4072)


3. Manage Orders and Notifications in Information Center (W0019)

  • Select “create order for notification” under "Assign Order" drop-down button. Order 903568 created for the notification 10000753

  • Edit the created order to add task list, releasing the order & others.



4. Manage Maintenance Planning Buckets (F3888)

  • Create new bucket

  • Maintain planning plant & other required data for weekly recurrence & click on “create” button.

  • Have not maintained the scope section for this example.


5. Maintenance backlog overview (F5105)

  • Planning bucket template: Input the value “Weekly Planning for Reactive Maint Demo” which created in the previous step. This generates the result data.

  • Click on the maintenance order chart to show all order data like stock, non-stock, services in separate tabs of the screen.

Backlog Result Data in packs of Buckets


6. Overall Completion Confirmation (IW42)

  • Input the order number & click “tech completion”.

  • Click “save”. Two operations will be confirmed.

Operations will be complete


7. Manage Orders and Notifications in Information Center (W0019)

  • Open the maintenance order to view the:

    • Status changed to complete

    • Time & cost are posted to order



With the phase model:

  • System provides simplified & granular status management

  • Helps in tracking & scheduling compliance of the maintenance backlog.

There are other new phase based processes like proactive maintenance, improvement maintenance, operational & overhead maintenance. I will try to cover these topics in the separate blogs.
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