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Hello guys,

Sometimes in test and dev, we need to migrate the same content more than one time.

I'm writing this post because, if you work, or want to work with Migration Cockpit, information about Re-Migration records might be hard to find. At least I did not find anything online for the Direct Approach for 2020 onwards.

So, the steps to do it for any object are:

1st - Delete the records in the target.

2nd – Delete the records in the Migration Cockpit

The second step depends on the approach you are using for migrating your object.

While in the Migration cockpit 1909 version and older ones, it was not possible to migrate again the objects already migrated using the direct approach; in the newer versions (2020 and onwards), it is possible.


Direct approach


For deleting the records in the migration cockpit object, direct approach you will need:

1st - Execute report CNV_PE_MC_DEL_ITEMS (Transaction code SA38):

 2nd - Select the project ID

3rd – select the Migration object ID.


4th - Uncheck the “Test Run” option and check the “Delete also migrated instance”.

And that is it!

File/stage transfer


For the File stage, it is easier.

Go to the select data section and select all the records.

Click the option Delete all Records

Delete the old version of the template (excel file).

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you found this type of tutorial useful and you want to see more articles like this.