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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

A “Return” in Sales and Distribution in SAP S/4HANA is a sales document used in complaints processing when a customer sends goods back to the seller. Goods are returned by customer for various reasons such as wrong material, damaged material, incorrect size, etc. This is an important process from a customer satisfaction perspective. SAP has developed a Fiori App called Manage Customer Returns and this app enables the customer service representative to manage the returns process very efficiently and easily.

In my experience in SAP implementations projects, I have noticed that this returns process is not generally given much importance. In several occasions I have seen warehouses full of unprocessed returned products. Manage Customer Returns App helps accelerate the returns process which in turn improves customer satisfaction.  Online selling has been on the increase for considerable time and especially during these days with COVID-19 impacting and to the future  the whole world online business has become even more significant for many businesses and for the Environmental Care reducing transports distance.

This situation has increased the need for many businesses to make the returns process quick and easy.

To illustrate the returns process using Manage Customer Returns app I have recorded a video of Creating customer returns:


Subsequently the product may be inspected remotely by arranging a video conferencing call with the customer. Based on the findings of the inspection the customer service agent can take one of the following actions.

Scenario 1: The product inspected and found ok but was used incorrectly. Provide explanation to the customer regarding proper use of the product and reject the returns as shown in the recorded video.

Scenario 2: The product is defective or damaged. The product can be sent directly to the Supplier reducing unnecessary transportation, and a new product is sent to the customer as a free replacement. Manage Customer Returns app helps execute this process as shown:

Scenario 3: The product is defective, and the defective product needs to be received at the seller’s location and then sent to the supplier. A credit memo is created, and the customer receives a refund. Manage Customer Returns app helps to transport the product only if the product has been confirmed defected, thus reducing unnecessary shipping of products.

The Accelerated Customer Returns solution available in SAP S/4HANA provides all the functionalities explained above with the capabilities of Manage Customer Returns App.


For More information, please follow these links:

Best Practice: https://rapid.sap.com/bp/#/browse/categories/sap_s%254hana/areas/on-premise/packageversions/BP_OP_EN...

Fiori App.: https://fioriappslibrary.hana.ondemand.com/sap/fix/externalViewer/index.html#/detail/Apps('F1708')/S...

To continue the end "Sales Free of charge" process, please refer this Best Practices: https://rapid.sap.com/bp/#/browse/categories/sap_s%254hana/areas/on-premise/packageversions/BP_OP_EN...

( upon step “4.3 Create Delivery” )

To continue the end of the "Return to supplier" process, please refer this link: https://rapid.sap.com/bp/#/browse/scopeitemversions/BMK/S4HANA/1909/US

( upon step “4.5.1 Option A: Goods Issue with Return Delivery )


I think this application can contribute almost to three elements:

  • Environmental Care, minimizing transports distance even avoid some of them, inspecting on Customer Site.

  • Excellence in Customer Service, responding in the short time Customers needs with "follow Activities" functionality.

  • Economic Efficiency, Follow-up of activities until the "next step" of the Returns products, reducing the amount of immobilized products in Warehouses.


Thank you,

Brought to you by the SAP S/4HANA RIG team.


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