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QM Open Note

QM Open Note is a blog post series about topics, which can be useful when working with Quality Management.


Current blog post is a quick overview of the QM-IDI (QIRF) function modules and record types.

In detail

RFC Function Modules for Downloading [link to SAP S/4HANA SAP Help]:

Function moduleTransfers
QIRF_SEND_INSP_REQUIRMENTSWorklist using selection criteria
QIRF_SEND_INSP_DATA_FOR_WL2Inspection specifications using worklist
QIRF_SEND_REQUIRMENTS_GET_DAT2Inspection specifications using selection criteria
QIRF_SEND_COMMIT_TO_QMConfirming receipt of inspection specifications
QIRF_SEND_CATALOG_TYPESAll catalog types with their short texts
QIRF_NOTIFY_FUNCTIONOwn logic when worklist changes

RFC Function Modules for Uploading [link to SAP S/4HANA SAP Help]:

Function moduleConfirmation for
QIRF_GET_ORIGINAL_VALUES2Single results using record types Q51, Q52, Q53, Q54, Q55, Q56, and Q58
QIRF_GET_SAMPLE_VALUES2Sample results using record types Q61, Q62, Q63, Q64, Q65, Q66, Q68,and Q69
QIRF_GET_FEATURE_VALUES2Characteristic results using record types Q71, Q72, Q73,and Q79
QIRF_GET_USAGE_DECISION2Usage decision of an inspection lot using record types Q88 and Q89
QIRF_GET_INSP_POINT2Inspection points using record types Q83 and Q84
QIRF_GET_DEFECT_ITEMS2Defect items using record types Q90, Q91, Q92, Q95,and Q96

Record types for QM subsystems (Domain QEIFART) [link to SAP S/4HANA SAP Help]:

ValueShort DescriptionStructure
Q40Inspection lot requirementsQAILS
Q41Req. for insp. lot header recordQAIVC
Q42Char. specifications for subsystemQAIMV
Q45Download inspection catalog entriesQAICA
Q51Quantative original value record for single unitQAISE
Q52Qualitative orig. value rec. for sing. unit with char. codeQAISE
Q53Qualitative orig. value rec. for sing. unit with valuation_QAISE
Q54Quantative original value record for inspection point_QAISE
Q55Qualitative orig. value rec. with char. code for insp. pointQAISE
Q56Qualitative orig. value rec. with valuation for insp. pointQAISE
Q58Cancel single unit recordQAISE
Q61Quantative sample recordQAISR
Q62Qualitative sample record with characteristic codeQAISR
Q63Qualitative sample record with valuationQAISR
Q64Quantative sample record for inspection pointQAISR
Q65Qualitative sample record with char. code for insp. pointQAISR
Q66Qualitative sample rec. with valuation for insp. pointQAISR
Q68Cancel sample recordQAISR
Q69Close sample recordQAISR
Q71Quantitative characteristic recordQAIMR
Q72Qualitative characteristic set with char. codeQAIMR
Q73Qualitative characteristic set with valuationQAIMR
Q79Close character.QAIMR
Q83Confirmation for inspection pointQAIPP
Q84Valuation for inspection pointQAIPP
Q85Download inspection pointsQAIPP
Q88Usage Decision for Inspection LotQAIVE
Q89Inspection cancelled for inspection lotQAIVE
Q90Insp.lot defectsQMIFE
Q91Operation defectsQMIFE
Q92Characteristic / sample defectsQMIFE
Q95Operation defects with reference to an inspection pointQMIFE
Q96Characteristic defects with reference to an inspection pointQMIFE

Known problem & solution

    • Use proper record type when working with the function modules.
    • Use proper function module, see SAP Note
      2505222 - S4TWL - Blacklisted Function Modules in QM-IDI Interface
    • Useful SAP Note: 585066 - FAQ - How do I use QM in SAP ERP as LIMS?

Feel free to share your experience/feedback in the Comment Section. Thank you.

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