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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP S/4HANA for Public Services covers the following main industries: Defense Forces & Public Security, Higher Education and Research, and Public Sector.

Defense Forces & Public Security ensures global, multinational peacekeeping and humanitarian missions with integrated defense forces that are responsive, effective, and can be tailored to individual needs. Centralized operations can provide the transparency needed to improve military planning and operations, military supply chain, and maintenance and engineering.

The Public Sector industry provides solutions for activities and services provided by public authorities at the federal, state, and municipal level. Solutions are provided for the financial management of services, incomes, taxes, and applications in conjunction with citizens and commercial organizations. The Public Sector Management (PSM) solutions are designed to manage the government income and expenditure budget.

In this blog series, I will give you an expert view, from product experts to product experts, of some selected highlights for Industries of our SAP S/4HANA 2021 release. All these innovations will also be available for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition.

The blog is built as a series of 6 parts and present the key highlights for:

  • Part 1: Consumer: Consumer Products and Fashion and Vertical Business

  • Part 2: Consumer: Retail and Wholesale Distribution

  • Part 3: Financial Services – Banking and Insurance)

  • Part 4: Public Services – Defense & Security and Public Sector

  • Part 5: Energy & Resources

  • Part 6: Discrete

In this fourth blog, you can find information on functions that are used by Public Services Industries.

Defense Forces & Public Security

With the world at an economic, strategic, and technological inflection point, defense forces are under pressure to act now to embrace emerging technology and create flexible organizations — ensuring they don’t end up planning for a form of combat that no longer exists.

SAP S/4HANA 2021 release innovations help to ensure that defense organizations and planners can adapt and transform the organization in order to keep the nations they serve safe.


Force Generation:
Provide a defense and security foundation for collaboration in communication-challenged environments

Distribute Data for Business Objects from Different Functional Areas

This new release provides the foundation for a system landscape administrator to distribute data for various business objects between the central SAP S/4HANA system and a strategic server. This is an SAP S/4HANA system at a remote site that works offline in a communication-challenged environment and synchronizes to the central system when communication is possible to enable business processes across the landscape.

Picture 1: Enable distribution of additional business objects and processes plus the development of SAP Fiori apps, based on the existing functional foundation.

Apply the Change Protection Concept to Ensure Data Consistency in the Distributed System Landscape

This feature ensures data consistency throughout a distributed SAP S/4HANA system landscape by applying the change protection concept to data instances that are planned to be editable in the central or a remote SAP S/4HANA system (strategic server) at different points in time.

Additional Details: The change protection concept provides a mechanism that prevents users in a system from modifying object instances, thereby ensuring business process integrity within the landscape. It ensures that an object can only be modified in one system – the central system or one strategic server. This concept can be applied to those business objects where clear ownership of either the central system or a strategic server for a specific object instance can be derived.

Enable the Initial Data Load and Continuous Data Distribution Between Central and Remote SAP S/4HANA Systems

This feature enables the system landscape administrator or a similar role to define distribution rules for the initial data load from the central to a remote SAP S/4HANA system (strategic server) and for subsequent continuous data synchronization between the systems during their lifecycle.

Picture 2: Enable a smooth data flow between the central system and local devices.


Force Generation:
Enhanced authorization capabilities for defense and security organizations

SAP S/4HANA 2021 enables you to increase security by extending it beyond force elements.

Context-Based Structural Authorization for Defense Objects

This feature enables you to increase security by extending it beyond force elements.
You protect the access to force elements, flexible material planning objects, and products by using context-based structural authorization.

Sensitivity at Defense Objects

This feature enables you to increase security by extending it beyond force elements.

You protect the access to capabilities, capability statements, and flexible material planning objects by using sensitivity.

This feature provides you more flexibility in maintaining access restrictions. You can maintain multiple values for sensitivity in the same object.

This feature provides you with improved usability and makes it easier to maintain access restrictions. You can automatically inherit sensitivity from a force element to all dependent force elements in the organization.


Force Generation:
Support for relocating authorized materials for defense and security organizations

You can use this feature to plan and prepare authorized materials that are required for a mission. The relocation projects that have been created are combined with force element structures to reuse the preplanned assignments. This foundation allows the required authorized materials to be scheduled for a specific date and quantity. Even the consumption of original authorized materials can be influenced by selecting the material document type. This enables planning to be performed at a material level for each step quantity and material document type.

Effects on Existing Data

  • Relocation projects can now be defined within the standard SAP Project System solution and can be assigned to any force element structure.

  • Force element structure assignments for authorized materials are reused during the planning of the relocation process step. Steps represent a duration and can be assigned to authorized materials for relocation with step quantities.

  • The system only generates material documents that have a customizable type for the finite relocation planning at the material level.


Force Generation:
Personnel staffing for defense and security organizations in operations and exercises

With SAP S/4HANA 2021 release, we deliver a new app for operation and exercise, personnel staffing proposal, and personal staffing of operational and exercise positions, including:

  • Optimization of best matching candidate comparing requirements against person qualifications or other criteria

  • Force element position fulfillment for each rotation micro charts, representing staffing percentage comparing full-time employee (FE) active positions against person assignments

  • Calendar view listing all active and nonactive positions of the selected FE and giving based on:

    • Color code

    • Information about position status regarding staffing proposal or staffing assignment

  • Capacity to assign directly person to position or to covert staffing proposal to assignment

Picture 3: Provide complete position status based on comprehensive color code.

Additional Details

  • You can optimize the "best" match candidate for each position, whilst comparing requirements with person qualifications or other criteria.

  • You can check the rotation fulfillment for force elements in a micro chart, that represents the staffing percentage comparing active force elements with person assignments.

  • A calendar view is available, which lists all active and non-active positions for the selected force element and uses a color code to provide information about the position status regarding a staffing proposal or staffing assignment.

  • You can directly assign persons to positions or convert staffing proposals to assignments.

Picture 4: Give instant information about personnel assignment for a force element.


Public Sector

Public sector organizations are faced with significant challenges. The rise of connected cities, constrained natural resources, massive urbanization, and various hazards are forcing governments to improve outcomes for citizens and make performance more transparent. The key to better public service lies in leading technology innovations that strengthen the connection between government and citizens.

Discover Taxpayer Behaviours:
New SAP Fiori app to explore at-risk customers and visualize the customer journey

In SAP S/4HANA 2021 for behavioral insights (abbreviated to Behavioural Insights), you can use the Explore At-Risk Customers app to analyze risk scores and trends across the scenarios delivered by Behavioural Insights. You can also study customer pulse by viewing and analyzing the actions that they perform.

For more information, see Explore At-Risk Customers.


Demo 1: Gain transparency into why a customer is classified in a particular risk score (including audio).

Discover Taxpayer Behaviours:
Application jobs template

In SAP S/4HANA for behavioral insights ((abbreviated to Behavioural Insights), once the prediction scenarios are trained, you can use the Maintain Application Jobs app to schedule and monitor Behavioural Insights-related jobs, using a standard template that is pre-delivered.

You can use the app to schedule, monitor, or cancel pre-scheduled jobs, which can reduce your workload by running the tasks smoothly in the background.

For more information, see Maintain Application Jobs.


Demo 2: Transform processes by quickly deploying machine learning scenarios for customer and behavior insights.

Budget Execution:
Improved budget structure processing including field extensibility, usability, and file uploading capabilities

This innovation covers the following abilities:

  • Upload budget and posting addresses from an external file (using the CSV format) into funds management budget structure, customer fields included

  • Extend a budget structure with customer fields

  • Maintain the usage and control of the budget and posting addresses using a new SAP Fiori app

  • Show the change history and include attachments

  • Generate in mass the budget structure from budget data and posting data

  • Enable copying in mass the budget structure from budget data and posting data with customer fields.

Picture 4: Improved budget structure control and maintenance.


Discover Taxpayer Behaviours:
OData API for External Events

In Behavioural Insights, you can use the External Events API to read or create Behavioral Insights External Event data with the data provided in a payload, in an API call. It is based on the OData protocol and can be consumed in SAP Fiori apps and on other user interfaces.

For more information, see External Events - Read, Create (A2X).

Background related to External Event:

  • External events are situations that affect customers, potentially affecting their risk of filing late, paying late, or changing status

  • These can be naturally occurring or imposed by the government

  • The delivered content includes the following:

    • New event category called External

    • 4 new events called Natural Disaster, Health Emergency, Civil Unrest, and Declared Disaster

    • New ML feature counting number of external events for the customer in last x months per entity

Picture 5: Public API that enables outside transactions, surveys, and events to be posted into the data model of SAP S/4HANA for behavioral insights.


Thanks for reading this blog post. Stay tuned!

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