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Production Resources and Tools are movable/non-stationary operating resource, that perform an activity and can be used repeatedly during the manufacturing process.

Production resources/tools (PRTs) are mobile operating facilities used in production or plant maintenance. The system distinguishes between the following types of production resource/tool based on their attributes and business function:

  • Material as PRT: Materials considered in materials management, for example, in inventory management, material requirements planning, and procurement.

  • Equipment as PRT: Equipment such as measuring devices or high-quality tools requiring preventive maintenance.

  • Document PRT: Documents such as drawings or programs for which document management functions are used.

  • Other PRT: Other PRTs (with a PRT master record) requiring less maintenance.

Currently in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition, Equipment as a PRT can only be used in production orders and not in maintenance task list/ orders yet and might be available in future.

In this blog, we will look at how can we execute PRT usage-based Maintenance in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.

The process flow is as described below.

Process Flow

Basically, from maintenance side, the process starts with a planned performance-based maintenance for an Equipment PRT which will have a task list, performance-based maintenance plan and a counter that keeps a tab of PRT runs. With performance-based maintenance plans, you can plan regular maintenance based on counter readings maintained for measuring points at pieces of equipment.

Maintenance Plan

The equipment master will have the PRT details like PRT usage value formula (Formula for calculating the total usage value of a production resource/tool.), task list usage etc. and also the maintenance plan/counter details can be linked.

Equipment Master

Now let us look at how can we configure PRT usage formula in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.

Since we do not have a separate configuration for PRT to create parameters /usage formula we can use the WorkCentre configuration. The configurations “Define Parameters” and “Define formula for Work centers” are available under manufacturing.

Create customized parameter or use the available standard parameters.


Define Parameters

Navigate to Define formula for Work Centers

You can create your own formula.

Define Formula for Work Centers

For PRT formula, make sure to check the checkbox “PRT allowed for Reqmts.”, for the formula to be visible in PRT formula F4 values.

At production side, the PRT is added to Production routing.

Production Routing

Once a production order is confirmed, based on the formula the confirmed quantity is converted and a measurement document is created with a converted value as a measurement reading.

Production Confirmation

Measurement Documents

The measurement document keeps updating the counter and once the cycle length is reached, the scheduled maintenance plan will generate due maintenance order. And the execution of maintenance activities is carried out.

Schedule Maintenance Plan

This way we can configure and achieve PRT usage-based maintenance in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.

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