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there seems to be some uncertainty about the "date" that is being displayed

  • In the "Time and Expense Items" for a project that is located in work center view "Not Invoiced Time and Expenses" in Project Management
  • In a project invoice request and
  • In the data source "Revenue Contribution" (PROCPIU03)
    • Please note: The date is being displayed as "Provisioning Date" as of ByD 1602 and as "Source Document Provisioning Date" as of 1605 where the datasource was substantially extended.

The documentation reads:

"The date is the provision date of the service or the date of the expense."

It is a bit more complicated, but not much:

  • Time confirmations from the employee time sheet
    • "Date" = date from the time sheet.
  • Expense reports
    • Expense Report Item
      • "Date" = Period End Date
        If the detail screen shows a period that gives more information as compared to the expense date - e.g. the start and end date of a hotel accomodation.
      • "Date = Expense Date
        If the only date information is the expense date.
    • Mileage
      "Date" = Expense report trip end date.
    • Per diem
      "Date" = Expense report trip end date.
  • Supplier invoices or credit memos
    • Delivery date / service period filled
      "Date" = Delivery date, end date of service period
    • Delivery date / service period not filled
      "Date" = supplier invoice posting date.
  • Goods or service receipts
    • Manually created time/expense recordings
      "Date" = Posting date.
      Please note that for the most common use case of time recording, the time recording is displayed in "not invoiced time and expenses" for both external time recordings as well as intercompany time recordings althought the goods or service receipt is the document that is relevant for Financials.
    • Representing intercompany expense reports
      "Date" = Delivery date / service period to.
      The system makes sure that the delivery date / service period to is filled accorind to same logic that is described for expense reports.
  • Goods issues and goods returns
    • "Date" = Creation date of goods issue/return

Best regards