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This document is to briefly explain the way progress of a project/wbs in terms of POC is calculated when planning is performed based on SKF. There is no detail business scenario as this document is mainly to see the steps involved in using the SKF to check the progress of a project.

1. Create SKF

Transactions : KK01/02/03

Here, the SKF category 'Fixed Value' is used. Usually Fixed value is used when the SKF does not change very often, as in the case of number of employees, area etc. The rest of the document will consider the fixed value type of SKF.

2. POC customizing

Transaction : SPRO

  • PS customzing path for progress analysis

  • Maintain Progress Version

  • Define Measurement method

  • Details of Measurement method definition

3. Cj20n : Progress on WBS

  • Progress version : 132
  • The planned and actual measurement method :MEG_QUANT defined above.
  • The WBS is released and saved.

Here, both the planned and actual measurement method has been taken as : MEG_QUANT.

4. Posting Planned and Actual SKF

Planning SKF on WBS

If the SKF is defined is a ‘Fixed’ category, then the value of the key figure entered in one month will be used for the remainder of the fiscal year.

If the SKF is defined as a ‘Total’ category, then the value of the key figure entered in one month will be used in one particular month and not the following ones.

In our case SKF - 1304 is Fixed value.

  • Transactions to plan & distribute SKF values on WBS: CJS2/ CJS3.
  • SKF can be planned in CJ20n also on activities & WBS.
  • Transactions to plan & distribute SKF values on network: CJK2/ CJK3.

The below snap shots will show the Planning of SKF on WBS via CJS2

In CJ20n, the dates tab will have dates which will show the period for which the SKF was planned.

Posting actual SKF on WBS

Transaction for posting actual SKF values for WBS is KB31N

5. Progress Calulation and analysis

Run transaction CNE1 for calculating project progress

Run Transaction CNE5 for checking the POC for the project



POC =              Planned/Actual Quantity    * 100

                       Overall Planned Quantity            

  • POC Actual    = 50/100 * 100   = 50.
  • POC Planned = 100/100 * 100 = 100

6. Reporting SKF Data

Transaction for displaying SKF data both planned & actual is S_ALR_87013548

On running this standard SAP report

The actual and planned SKF values above are the average values across all the periods.

Actual = 50+50+50+50+50+50 / 12 = 300 /12 = 25.

Planned   = 100+ 100 /12   = 200/12  = 16.6667

On drilling down

Hope the document will provide an insight into the SKF and progress functionality and how it works in PS. I have mentioned below a few importanat notes which have the recent corrections in the SKF area in PS.

1376215 -Statistical Key Figure - FAQ note

1733126 - SKF functionality is not working correctly in CJ20N

1901566 - SKF- Period distribution incorrect when fiscal variant used