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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
To easily identify the spare parts relevant for a technical service, in SAP S/4HANA Service (up to 1809: Customer Management) you can use a function called “Product Proposal” in the service order and service order quotation’s items list. When choosing this function, the system checks for the piece of equipment that is maintained as main reference object, and whether it has a material BOM assigned. If yes, and if the material BOM has been defined with usage S (Customer Management), the Product Proposal displays the spare parts defined in the equipment’s material BOM.


Here are some details to consider if you want to use this function:


In IMG (customizing) you can find detailed documentation about required set-up steps here: ServiceMaster DataProductsProduct Proposal.

The relevant settings for Product Proposal are already delivered as part of the SAP delivery customizing that is available in your system’s client 000. If you have copied the SAP delivery customizing into your test client, you should be all set regarding customizing setup. If not, maintain the customizing settings described in the documentation as you find them in client 000.

Important to know is that the application ID S4C1 with selection ID CM, and the BOM usage S (Customer Management) are mandatory. The Product Proposal function will not work with different application IDs and BOM usages.


Master Data Maintenance:

In the Material master data maintenance, first create a material to use as a construction type. In SAP GUI, the transaction is MM01. In Fiori the tile is called “Create Material”.

In the Material BOM maintenance, for the material created above, create a BOM with usage S and assign the relevant components (spare parts and optionally service products) to it. In SAP GUI, the transaction is CS01. In Fiori the tile is called “Maintain Bill of Material”.


Finally, assign the construction type to a piece of equipment. In SAP GUI, the transaction is IE02. Alternatively use the Fiori tile “Change Technical Object”.


Using the Product Proposal in a Service Order or Service Order Quotation:

To use the Product Proposal, log on to the SAP S/4HANA Service frontend (WebClient), for example as a service professional, and create a service order or service order quotation. Maintain the equipment from above as main reference object. Then in the items list choose Product Proposal.

If the piece of equipment is part of an equipment or functional location structure, you will also find that structure displayed in the Product Proposal dialog box.