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In this blog post, we are going to talk about a new capability in Master Data Management (MDM) which is Deletion of Product. This feature will be available in 2011 release.

Business Scenario:

In a company, sometimes we create a lot of products either material or services in the system. In the scenario where when a customer created a product in the system; customer would like to delete product which is not used in the system or not used in any business scenario. In the past, this would not be possible.

The New Capabilities:

Now with introduction of Deletion of Product capabilities the customer can delete a product if it is not used in the system or in any business scenario. For example, when a customer creates a product in the system the non-activated product will be in two status; initial or in-preparation. If a product is not activated, customer can delete the product in the system. In this release, customer can choose to delete a product with a single select or multi-select. In multi-select deletion, a customer should not be worry when he/she unintentionally selected an active product. When multi-select deletion is perform by selecting a mixture of product in initial or in-preparation status with product in active status; only product in initial or in-preparation status will be deleted.

The Benefits:

In many cases, when a customer create a new product by mistakes and when input errors in example; product description, product category and unit of measurement, customer can delete the product from the system.

Following Customer Influence Request 118963 is been address in this new features.

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