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Using this BAdi, customers can decide the approval agents for the work item in My Inbox app for different purchasing documents.

Implementation details

App: Custom Fields and Logic

BAdi: Procurement: Agent Determination in Flexible Workflow (MM_WORKFLOW_AGENTS_V2)

Filter Criteria

This BAdi has the following filter parameters:

  • businessobject = PurchaseOrder

  • businessobject = PurchaseRequisition

  • businessobject = CentralPurchaseRequisition

  • businessobject = PurchaseContract

  • businessobject = SchedulingAgreement

  • businessobject = RequestForQuotation

  • businessobject = SupplierQuotation

  • businessobject = CentralPurchaseContract

  • businessobject = ServiceEntrySheet

  • Note: Only one BAdi implementation can exist per business object

    Importing Parameters:


      • This parameter provides the business object name (like PurchaseOrder, PurchaseRequisition or SupplierQuotation, etc.)

      • Possible values are listed in the filter criteria


        • This parameter provides the purchasing document number


          • This parameter provides the item number of purchasing document


            • This parameter provides the information about which workflow scenario is used, as there can be several scenarios for the same business object


              • This parameter provides the approvers of the previous approval steps. This may be required to determine the approvers in the current approval workflow step.

              • Exporting Parameters:

                • APPROVERLIST

                  • This parameter contains the approvers of the current approval level

                  • This parameter cannot be returned empty. If it is returned empty, then this would result in workflow error

                  • Note:

                    • Like any other workflow step, if approval agents are not determined inside the BAdi implementation the work item will result in error.

                    • The workflow step information is not available in this BAdi

                    • Sample Implementation:

                      Requirement: Work item needs to be approved based on the net amount of the purchase requisition item as described below:

                      1. Amount less than or equal to 10000 needs to be approved by the user "Manager"

                      2. Net Amount in between 10000 and 20000 needs to be approved by user "Procurement Manager"

                      3. Net Amount greater than 20000 needs to be approved by user "Purchasing Manager"

                      4. The above requirements are satisfied by the BAdi implementation given below: