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There are some highlights waiting with the Release CE2105 for you including new ways to set up your own material flow processes with Kanban, take a step closer to the future with IoT-enabled production supply and get more insights in your daily material flow with the enhanced Kanban Control Cycle Analysis App.

Key Highlights:

  • Customer defined external procurement strategies and JIT call profiles

  • Kanban and SAP IoT Auto ID Services

  • Enhancements to the Control Cycle Analytics App

Customer defined external procurement strategies and JIT call profiles

You can now easily create and maintain your own replenishment strategies and Kanban Summarized JIT Call Profiles for specific process requirements.

Those specifically created strategies can be selected in your Kanban Control Cycles besides the standard SAP external replenishment strategies.

You can maintain the following aspects:

  • The specific type of external procurement e.g. consumption to cost centers to control if and how the (bulk) material is posted to cost centers

  • Form templates to control the layout and content of Kanban cards and control cycle prints

  • Packing instructions e.g. to define whether one or more load containers are available for one container

  • Signal lock time in minutes to prevent accidental status changes when scanning bar codes

For the Kanban Summarized JIT Call Profiles you can define the following aspects:

  • Partner role to define the message partner

  • Type of summary for grouping summarized JIT calls e.g. by plant and production supply area

  • Posting control for goods receipt e.g. how to handle partial goods receipt quantities

Based on these new customizing possibilities, you can now further optimize your supply chain processes with Kanban to ensure a constant production supply.

To get more information about creating and maintaining Kanban Summarized JIT Calls, watch our latest open SAP Microlearning Video “Getting started with Kanban Summarized JIT Calls”.

RFID-enabled Kanban based on SAP IoT auto-ID services

In this release Kanban takes a big step towards the future with the Internet of Things (IoT). Based on SAP Auto-ID technology for example, the tracking of a container status is automated establishing a direct connection between the physical material flow and its representation in the IT world. With the help of RFID tags, placed on the containers and mapped against the respective Kanban ID, the movement of the containers can be tracked automatically and status changes are updated in real-time. Meanwhile, the control cycle management and replenishment processes are managed in your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system and you can use the Kanban Board to continuously monitor your control cycles and containers.

This graphic gives an example for an IoT-enabled Kanban material flow. A Kanban container is set to status ‘empty’ as it passes the RFID gate at the central collection point. This can trigger a request for material in the warehouse, at a subassembly station or at the supplier. Once the container has been refilled and leaves the gate leading from warehouse to production area, the status is set to ‘full’. When the material in the container has been used, it goes back to the central collection point and the process starts again.

Latest Container status change in the Kanban Control Cycle Analytics App

With the Kanban Control Cycle Analysis app, you can get insights into your Kanban control cycles, containers and their current status. You can get the information of Kanban containers in a specific status e.g. in error for a specific production supply area of a plant. A new function in this app allows you to evaluate when the latest status change of a container in a specific control cycle happened. With this feature you can easily identify if Kanban control cycles are inactive or no longer needed in your factory.

Feel free to check out the latest highlights in your SAP S/4HANA Cloud System! Stay tuned for the CE2108 Kanban release with further highlights. You can also find all the planned features and innovations on the SAP Road Map Explorer.