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Hello All,


Have you faced some of these inconsistencies lately?

  • Invoice items with the wrong value.

  • Total invoice value with the wrong value.

  • Not all the available invoice-items return to the screen, using as reference PO/SA number or Vendor.

  • When entering several POs as a reference, out of order, the system does not return all the PO items or returns the wrong items.

  • PO presents GR-Bsd IV flag set. In the invoice-item line, the wrong Reference document number is shown.

  • When you 'Simulate' the invoice, wrong values are calculated for GR/IR and Vendor accounts.


If your answer is Yes, check if SAP Note 1793036 is implemented in the system.


SAP Development Support for the Invoice Verification area explained that, after the application of the SAP Note 1793036, it is necessary to apply six SAP follow-up notes in order to prevent inconsistencies related to MM and FI.


SAP Note 1793036 clarifies this in its Solution section:

Therefore, in order to prevent such inconsistencies it is an official recommendation from SAP Development Support to apply all these SAP Notes:

1. 1821383 - MIRO/MIGO: wrong values proposed for amount and quantity
2. 1827274 - Performance issue for PO with confirmation lines
4. 1844735 - Incorrect data fetch on database table EKPV
5. 1881279 - Wrong results returned when reading Purchase Order history
6. 1884007 - Delivery creation no longer possible using VL10D


As my personal suggestion, in addition to the SAP Notes above, check if you have the SAP Note 1822017 implemented in the system. If you have this SAP Note applied, incorrect GR/IR clearing account postings occur when you cancel an invoice or post a credit memo, and the solution is to apply the following SAP Note below:

2098011 - Incorrect GR/IR clearing account postings in MR8M or when posting a credit memo


Carla Bussolo