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With SAP S/4HANA 1909, the Monitor Predictive Accounting – Predictive Quality app was introduced for sales accountants working with sales order in predictive accounting. This new Fiori app replaces the AIF monitor previously used to check the quality of the sales order simulation.

How does the new app support me?

When you use predictive accounting in your sales process, you want to make sure that your sales orders can be properly included in the forecasts of future results. Sales orders with the supported sales order item categories act as the source for predictive accounting to create predictive journal entries for the follow-on goods issue and billing documents in advance. These predictive journal entries are then included in your current reporting and allow you to see the impact of these transactions on future sales, costs and revenue. So, the higher the quality of your sales orders, the better the predictive powers of predictive accounting. And that is where the new app comes in.

This new monitoring app allows sales accountants to easily see which sales orders could be processed and which could not. Then you can react quickly and fix the errors to improve the quality of the forecasts.

What can I see in the new app?

Right on the tile, you can the current quality of your predictive accounting:

This shows how high the percentage of the net order could be processed correctly in the predictive accounting process. And once you open the app, you see the following:

The starting screen shows you which sales orders had errors, organized into these categories:

  • Number of Erroneous Order by Source Reference Transaction:
    You see the number of sales orders and where they were initially created.

  • Number of Erroneous Orders by Simulation Step:
    Here, you can see where the errors occurred in predictive accounting. For each simulation step, the number of sales orders is displayed that could not be processed in the respective simulation step.

  • Number of Erroneous Orders by Message Age:
    Here, the orders are sorted by the point in time when they were registered by predictive accounting or when they were entered into the system and couldn't be processed successfully by predictive accounting.

The overview table shows you the error message that was triggered for each sales order.

Once you’ve fixed the errors, you can then use the app to trigger the reprocessing of the sales order manually so that they are included in predictive accounting or wait for them to be picked up in the next automatic processing run.

More information on predictive accounting, the new monitoring app, and the other related apps can be found on the SAP Help Portal. Details about implementing the app are available in the SAP Fiori reference library. Information about the overall configuration steps for predictive accounting in your SAP S/4HANA system are explained here.