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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

You are running MRP on your system with the parameter Scheduling = '2 - lead-time scheduling and capacity planning', as shown on the figure below:

After the MRP execution, you are observing the following symptoms:

  1. Only the first planned order generated by MRP is correctly schedule and, for all the other orders, the tab 'lead time scheduling' is not created.
  2. Planned orders created by MRP are no longer generating capacity requirements and they are not displayed on capacity leveling or capacity evaluation transactions, such as CM21, CM25 or CM01.
  3. If you try to manually schedule one of these planned orders on transaction MD12, the tab 'lead time scheduling' is correctly created without any kind of problems.

This is a side-effect of note 2131199, which was created to improve the performance of the planned orders lead-time scheduling. This note was delivered on support package SAPKH61708 and, after the implementation of this note, you may observe the described symptoms.

In order to avoid this issue on your system, you must implement the following note:

2192359Follow-up note for note 2131199

If this not is not relevant for you and the planned orders are still not scheduled correctly, I suggest you to check the work center and routing settings, according to the documents below:

CRP Basic Settings Part 1 - Work Center

CRP Basic Settings Part 2 – Routing

In addition, the following notes may be useful

2240796MRP lead time scheduling does not return correct result in generated planned or
2120367Planned orders generated from MRP don't have the tab "Detailed scheduling"
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