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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Issue description: Customers using APP Post Goods Movement (MIGO) will encounter such issue being: PO item with ‘Delivery Completed’ ticked can still proceed with goods receipts in MIGO. For those who is eager to conclusion, please jump to solution part.

For example, PO 4500003022 with item 10 flagged as ‘Delivery Completed’, below is the screenshot in MIGO before post GR. Previously the quantity is 10 PC.

After receiving 1 PC, the quantity remaining is 9 PC and ‘Del. Compl. Ind PO item’ was unticked automatically.

How to prevent this happen? Before we jump to the conclusion, many of you will probably come across this SAP Note 856279 - MIGO: Proposed qty despite 'delivery completed' indicator. 3 options were proposed for customer:

1. 1. Reduce the purchase order quantity to the previous GR quantity.

2. 2. Block the purchase order item.

(ME22N: Block pushbutton; ME22 Menu -> Edit -> Block)

3. 3. Fill the date field for the 'Latest Possible Goods Receipt' (LEWED) in the purchase order item. If you do this and you enter a GR document after this date, the system issues message M7163, which you must set as an error message in Customizing.

There are some limitations with the above recommendations:

1. Reduce the PO quantity will re-trigger the approval flow

2. The blocked item will also prevent following invoice verification

3. S4HANA Cloud SSCUI 103897 works for the customizing.


For cloud customer, the solution is to switch from the VH app MIGO to the Fiori APP F0843 Post goods receipt for purchasing document.

It simply do not display the delivery completed item in new Fiori APP. Only item 20 with material TG0011 appear.

To achieve such a switch and to exclude the traditional GUI app for end user, the administrator will need to exclude the business catalog “Material Management – Warehouse Management” & “Material Management – Warehouse Execution”.

Additionally, for cloud customer, you may think of IN APP Extensibility via BADI implementation to add custom logic. Unfortunately, in this case, Badi only applies to new Fiori APP since the new and the old have different business logic now. That is also why new Fiori APP is recommended for the long run.

The above field “deliverycompleted” in table Gr4xy_item is referring to the following field in APP Post goods receipt for purchasing document. It will always be unticked if you can see the item in this APP. It can be ticked and save and next time this item will disappear.