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In this blog post you will learn about the "Output Management" feature enabled in the Fiori app "Manage Service Orders".

What are the associated roles and apps?

Customer Service Manager ("CSM" for ease of reading) for Fiori app Manage Service Orders("MSO" for ease of reading).

What is the new feature?

From 2011CE release onwards, output features such as email and print in PDF format have been configured for the Service Orders in the MSO app. The email shall contain the Service Order details in a PDF file that is added as an attachment to it. From the perspective of email address determination from master data, there are two default roles supported namely Contact Person and Sold-To Party. Email address determination from master data for roles other than Contact Person and Sold-To Party have not been provided by default.

When an error free Service Order is set to “Released” status, upon successful save, the respective configured output request items ("ORIs" for ease of reading) are triggered in the system. This can be immediately viewed in the “Output Control” facet of MSO app. Further to this, if there are no ORIs that are open (Status: In Preparation) then new ORIs are created each time an error free Service Order having the status “Released” or “Completed” is saved. An exception to this is that for a rejected or cancelled Service Order, new ORIs shall not be generated at save even though the “Completed” status is active for such a Service Order.

What are the relevant template types?

Form Template: CRMS4_SERVICE_ORDER_SUMMARY (Service Order Summary)

Email Template: CRMS4_SERVICE_ORDER_EMAIL_TMPL (E-Mail Template for Service Orders)

Master Template: SOMU_FORM_MASTER_A4

How do I use this feature?

Once the ORIs are generated for a Service Order, various actions such as sending email or printing etc. can be triggered from the “Output Control” Facet.

This can be done by choosing the required ORI and clicking on the “Send Output” button within this facet.

What are some important points to note w.r.t. extensibility?

When creating custom fields at the header or item level, ensure to enable the field for usage within the tabs “Email Template” and “Form Template”. Only when the fields are enabled here, they are available in the "XML Schema Definition" for binding within the form template editor namely Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

The default email template, form template and master form template can be replaced by a custom variant as detailed in “Customer Workshop Document”.

What are the relevant BAdI implementations?



What are the possible troubleshooting points in case of potential errors while using this feature?

Please ensure to check the correctness of the following in case custom templates and changes to default settings:

  • The setup of the output parameter determination settings (especially determination steps: Output Type, Receiver, Channel, Printer Settings, Email Recipient, Email Settings, Form Template, Output Relevance)

  • For sending email, the related email setup needs to be in place, e.g. allowed sender domains defined

  • For printing, the related setup needs to be in place, e.g. creation of print queues and installing SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Print Manager.

What are the related References, SAP Notes and KBAs?

Reference Links:

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Output Parameter Determination settings

Integrating S/4 HANA Cloud and Local Printers

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Guided Answer for Output Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Output Management Setup Guide (1LQ)

Customer Workshop Document:

This document is a detailed guide to help replace the default form template, email template and master template by a custom variant.

KBA: 2941522


Priyanka Bhat