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With the year almost over, SAP has now released Feature Pack 03 for SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain for secondary distribution (S4SCSD) 2.0. It contains enhancements, improvements and innovations for the end-to-end downstream solution, which consists of both SAP S/4HANA SDM (Secondary Distribution Management) and SAP S/4HANA RFNO (Retail Fuel Network Operations). The novelties included in the Feature Pack 03 extend the scope and simplify the usage of the comprehensive S4SCSD suite.

Process Orchestration: Efficient cross-company collaboration

The centerpiece of the Feature Pack 03 is the new functionality Process Orchestration. This new set of Fiori apps enables the user to build complex logistics process flows: It enables SAP SDM users to post and manage a wide variety of differently designed processes in the system – fully automated, in one step and across company codes. Triggering complete chains of business processes in SAP has many benefits:

  • Higher efficiency

  • Reduced manual transactions

  • Increased transparency of business processes

  • Better identification and handling of issues

  • Significant error avoidance

  • Simplified integration of third-party systems

Integration of documents and data from partners

A practical example: With Process Orchestration, market participants such as heating oil retailers or service station operators can now integrate the delivery papers of connected supply chain participants (e. g. tank terminals) into their own end-to-end process. The system then checks, converts, and processes the data automatically in the background.

Among others, Process Orchestration offers special applications to handle the processes (manually or automatically) as well as comprehensive reporting options. These features help operators to identify issues immediately and correct them right away.

Selection of easy-to-use Fiori apps included

Process Orchestration comes with a set of well-designed, user-friendly Fiori apps which make process handling convenient and easy to use:

  • Control Panel: Monitor and control all intercompany end-to-end processes handled by Process Orchestration.

  • Ticket Workbench: Create and edit process tickets if necessary.

  • Process Workbench: Define the processes to be performed when a ticket is submitted.

  • Data Mapping: Convert external data to SAP data and enhance it where necessary.

  • Ticket Upload: Import tickets manually via Excel sheet. This is needed if no external system is available to send the data to SAP.

Improvements for IDM, RFNO and DC

Besides the all-new innovation Process Orchestration, the Feature Pack 03 also contains improvements for the existing functionalities Integrated Dispatch Management (IDM), Retail Fuel Network Operations (RFNO) and Data Collation (DC). These improvements provide, among others, additional input, extra information and better usability.

More info in the SAP Innovation Discovery

As always, you can find more information on the new Feature Pack 03 in the SAP Innovation Discovery.

For detailed information about existing and new S4SCSD functionality, check out the SAP Learning Journey for Oil and Gas.