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SAP Booth at CIIF

From November 4rd to 8th, SAP Industry 4.0 booth at China International Industry Fair (CIIF) had been a great success and had become a new milestone to demonstrate SAP's industry leadership in front of China government, academia, press and the market.

It is the first time, SAP joined the fair. In order to better show how industry 4.0 works, SAP shipped the open integrated factory showcase which cooperated with Festo in Hannover to China.

5000+ visitors interacted at the booth at China International Industry Fair. It had helped to generate significant leads who are inspired by SAP Industry 4.0 solution and expressed their interests on SAP ERP, MES and PCo solutions or they have projects in hand and would like to cooperate with SAP!  

Moreover, during the five-day exhibition, over 10 senior government leaders visited SAP booth including Mr. Han Zheng(Shanghai’s highest government officer), Mr. Wu Bangguo (Ex-Chairmen of Chinese Parliaments), Mr. Miao Wei, (Minister of Industry and Telecommunication).  The smart manufactory solution was also reported by main TV channels like Oriental TV channel, First Financial TV channel and Phoenix TV channel and many online medias. And SAP Booth was defined as Spotlight Booth by CIIF!

Showcase Description

In a co-innovation between SAP, Festo Didactic and Elster, here is a showcase which shows live how an open integrated factory can run in future scenarios.  While the open integrated factory provides seamless integration between the Production Planning and its execution at shop floor, it is also flexible for adaptation required to respond to real-time situations.  Mass customization or individualization of products is a key trend in the industry but at the same time production has to focus on cost and efficiency. To be responsive while still being efficient requires capability to manufacture multiple products in same assembly line without long changeover time, increasing speed of production and ensuring best quality.

The showcase demonstrates how multiple variants of a product or even different products can be manufactured on a single line by setting machine control parameters by SAP ME depending upon the product to be manufactured.  For the manual operations, it serves accurate work instruction to aid the operator in completing the task. As per the schedule and priority, the orders are queued in SAP ME which starts assembly process when an empty container arrives at the first operation. The order details and production status are updated to the RFID chip of the container which helps in identifying the product and how it is to be manufactured. At each workstation RFID reader identifies the work-in-progress product and sets the machine configuration required for the product variant. Hence the machine intelligently performs actions as required by individual product variant on the assembly line. Quality inspection control parameters are also controlled by SAP ME and depending upon the test results can decide whether the product can continue or it must undergo repair. The real-time parameters of the products and machines captured during the production process can be used for predictive maintenance and reporting key parameters like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) using SAP HANA.

It demonstrates seamless integration from machine with the process control layer where order management runs without a line / production cell server.

SAP Solutions Overview

SAP software solutions run from the top-floor to the shop floor to provide streamlined solutions for the discrete industries.  At SAP we call it Idea to Performance (I2P) which encompasses the business processes from the conception of product to it manufacturing and service. While this address the horizontal integration of business processes spanning across different line of businesses, the shop-floor solutions help provide vertical integration to the shop floor and machines.  It is achieved with following solutions:

1. SAP ME: SAP Manufacturing Execution is the plant-centric manufacturing business solution for discrete industries, which enables global manufacturers to effectively manage and control shop-floor operations.  It provides host of built-in features that help a manufacturer achieve important business requirements such as end-to-end product traceability, quality control, schedule adherence, accurate reporting, WIP tracking and many more. By virtue of being integrated to corporate system as well as shop floor automation, it enables quick action in response to the shop floor events in real time.

2. SAP MII: SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence is a strategic platform which helps in linking core manufacturing systems and processes with enterprise. SAP MII provides a rich set of integration, intelligence, and innovation elements that organizations can combine freely to create composite applications fusing manufacturing execution and process with enterprise workflows. It enables the out-of-box and seamless integration between the SAP ERP and SAP ME.

3. SAP PCo: SAP Plant Connectivity provides ground level connectivity to host of shop floor systems. It enables the exchange of data between an SAP system and the industry-specific standard data sources of different manufacturers, for example, process control systems, plant Historian systems, and SPC systems. Along with being able to read and write data to shop floor system, it also provides notification function which helps monitor production facility and record any sudden events and take appropriate action.

With this mix of both horizontal and vertical integration and power of SAP HANA, SAP is uniquely poised to enable manufacturers achieve high level of agility, speed and performance.