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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
One Exposure is central storage for SAP Cash Management, and sometimes a clean re-building is required with various reasons.


The top reasons for rebuilding flows from accounting are:

  • Accounting scope has been changed from 'Cash Position Only' to 'Liquidity Analysis Only'. Normally Cash Position flow contains accurate liquidity item as the liquidity item obtained directly from the document line item. In the other hand, liquidity analysis flow which will fulfill liquidity item information from document chain.

  • Accounting scope has been changed from 'Liquidity Analysis Only' to 'Cash Position Only'. Despite the liquidity item information, the bank account (bank account/house bank/house bank account) information may contain difference. Bank account (house bank/house bank account) will also impact by document chain tracing logic in Liquidity Analysis flow.

  • Accounting scope has been changed from 'Liquidity Analysis Only' to 'Cash Position & Liquidity Analysis' or from 'Cash Position Only' to 'Cash Position & Liquidity Analysis'. The reason has been described as above.


To rebuild flows from accounting, one of important question could be: how to start.

Here comes the tips:

  • Stop the Flow Builder job if the job was scheduled.

    • For Flow Builder Plus, simply change the 'Update Mode' for Liquidity Analysis flows generation. For instance, change it to 'Deferred without Delta Table'. System will stop raise event for triggering Flow Builder job.

    • If manual job is used, stop the manual job.

  • Second, use FQM_DELETE to clear the flows.

There is a frequently asked question: how to keep IBU/AGG flows?

The possible solution is, use the Transaction Date as filtering.

For instance, you have IBU flows whose transaction date is 2021-12-31.

You can run FQM_DELETE twice, the first run with transaction date less or equal with '2021-12-30', the second run with transaction date large or equal with '2022-01-01'.

  • Then, rebuild the flows.

For performance point of view, enable 'Parallel Run' with valid setup to speed up the rebuilding flows.