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Official document numbering (ODN) in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

This blog provides a process to be followed to configure Official document numbering (ODN) in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

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Official Document number (ODN)

Official document numbering (ODN) is legally required to adhere to specific rules determined by the legal authorities when you number certain documents issued by your company.

The official document number is used for documents such as invoices that are issued to customers, Vendor invoice posting and also presented to the tax authorities.

Official document numbering (ODN) in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable allows you to do the following:

v Be legally compliant in a certain country with regards to the numbering of documents

v Use document numbering that is more flexible than document numbering in the standard system

For example, this is beneficial if you have multiple company codes and you therefore need to maintain gap less document numbering within each company code.

There are two available methods for official document numbering:

v ODN using number ranges with number groups (This method can be used in India, Portugal and France)

v ODN using number ranges without number groups (This method can be used in Argentina, Brazil, and Italy, there are specific instructions for using official document numbering)

Please find the basic configuration to generate ODN Using Number Ranges with Number Groups which are required for India.

This method offers a flexible way to define your official document numbers by combining different parameters, such as the following:

In the SAP system, maintain these values in in Customizing

Go to the App ‘Manage Your Solution’ under implementation cockpit

Set Local version as country ‘India’, and go to configure your solution

Under Application Area mentioned below

v Assign Document Types to Billing Types:

Make sure the accounting document type ‘RV’ is maintained for billing type F2.

[Note: This configuration is carried out for all the billing types, which requires ODN to be generated. Maintain the relevant accounting document types. ODN will not get triggered if the accounting document type is left blank]

Configuration App:


v Document classes:

For each country, you can define a document class for each type of document that you need to number in a certain way. You can define, for example, separate document classes for invoices and for accounting documents that you have created manually.

Choose Country Key: IN – India

Configuration App:


v Number group:

You can define number groups in order to maintain your official document number ranges in the system. You can group your numbers according to your requirements).

Configuration App:


v Assign Document Types to Document Classes

Assign the relevant document types to each of your document classes. For each document class, specify Generate Official Document Number, without date control in the Official Doc.

Example: Assume that you have document classes for invoices and credit memos. In Financial Accounting (FI), you have two accounting document types for invoices (DR and RV); and one accounting document types for credit memos (DG).

You assign the two document types DR and RV to the invoice document class; and you assign the document type DG to the credit memo document class.

Configuration App:


v Assign Number Ranges to Business Places

Assign Number Ranges to Business Places to configure the Official Document Numbering for India.

In this Customizing activity, you assign your number ranges to:

v A company code and a business place

v One or more official document classes

v A validity period, within which the official documents have to be used

The system uses these settings to control the issue of official document numbers and keep track of the invoices issued and payments received, for each business place. You have maintained your number groups and number range intervals.

Example: Number range 01 has been assigned to company code XXXX and business place XXXX and has a validity period from July 01, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

Configuration App:


v Maintain Fiscal Year Variant for ODN

Maintain fiscal year variant for Official Document Numbering and this fiscal year variant that is different from the global data of company code.


In the global data of a company code, the fiscal year variant is maintained as K4, but for India, the fiscal year variant should be V3 for the generation of Official Document Number (ODN). This will then bypass the data maintained in OBY6 and the ODN will be generated corresponding to the fiscal year variant.

Configuration App:


v Number range for official document

Maintain number ranges for each number group. While posting invoice system will generate the ODN from this number range (Internally which is linked to FI document type.

Configuration App:

Maintain the number ranges for the number groups created, as shown below:

Click on edit intervals after choosing the Number Group

Maintain the intervals as shown below:

This activity will create the number range for the number groups created, under the India ODN object