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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

We are pleased to announce the availability of the updates to SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA Cloud and pre-configuration content in SAP Best Practices Explorer (BPX). This release delivers many updates to the ready-to-run business processes, methodology guidance and the SAP Cloud ALM capabilities that our customers can leverage in their SAP S/4HANA Cloud projects. Here are key highlights for this release, you can learn more in the detailed sections below:


SAP Activate Community | Selected SAP Activate Blogs

The SAP Activate methodology would not be possible without the team behind it - Get to know the SAP Activate Team!

Join the SAP Activate community for upcoming community calls, videos, and blog posts. Be sure to follow the #SAP Activate tag where you can find the following blog posts as well as other posts SAP Activate experts shared with the community.


Content updates for SAP Best Practices Explorer

SAP Best Practices Explorer is the one-stop shop for ready-to-run digitized business processes. View the What’s new by checking out the recently released packages and updates to our portfolio of SAP Best Practices solutions. In addition, you can now find SAP S/4HANA Cloud related content in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Customer CommunityFor more information, please use the links below:

  • SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA Cloud - Link

  • SAP S/4HANA Public Sector Cloud - Link

  • SAP Best Practices for SAP Marketing Cloud - Link


Updates of SAP Activate Methodology SAP S/4HANA Cloud in 2208

The SAP Activate content for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, has been enhanced for 2208 with improvements to help guide the customer through the implementation journey. The content is available via the SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer and SAP Cloud ALM.

The key highlights are:

  • Comprehensive Solution Adoption workstream review and update that includes new deliverables, tasks and procedures related to learning and organization change management. A blog, Accelerate SAP cloud solution adoption with new MURAL templates in SAP Activate, was added as an accelerator to help manage several aspects of organization change management using Mural templates.

  • Added new enablement guidance on the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Identity and Access Management content. Several procedure updates were made along with new accelerators to better guide the customer through the process.

  • Removal of tasks and processes related to provisioning and the ‘Manage Your Solution’ app. All new S/4HANA Cloud quality/test systems will be provisioned based on SAP Central Business Configuration and, thus, the instructions are no longer relevant.

  • Added to the procedure in task, Subscribe to Cloud Integration Automation Service (CIAS) in BTP, that newly provisioned SAP Cloud ALM tenants are delivered with a CIAS tenant in BTP simplifying the CIAS access.

  • Enhanced the Fit-to-Standard Preparation process by introducing two new tasks to assure that the system to be used by for the Fit-to-standard workshops have the proper scope and countries activated.

  • Several usability and readability adjustments throughout the roadmap content.

For a complete list of improvements, please see the release notes on the SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release blog You can access the SAP Activate methodology for SAP S/4HANA Cloud here.


SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 3-system landscape

The SAP Activate Methodology for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, 3-system landscape has been enhanced with improvements and new content based on feedback from Early Adopter customers and with the new capabilities introduced with 2208 release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. You can access the methodology content in theSAP Activate Roadmap ViewerandSAP Cloud ALM.

The key highlights are:

For a complete list of improvements, please see the release notes on the SAP Activate Content Updates for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 3-system landscape blog.


Updates of SAP Activate Methodology for RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition

The SAP Activate Methodology content for RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition has been enhanced with improvements to help guide the customer through the implementation journey.

The content is available via the SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer and SAP Cloud ALM.

The key highlights are:

  • Added new content related to the RISE with SAP adoption framework. The purpose of the RISE with SAP Adoption Framework is to provide clarity on the entire SAP S/4HANA cloud journey. It brings customers, partners, and SAP together to collaborate under a single cloud operational governance model, to proactively manage the success of RISE with SAP for the customers:

  • Added new content related to Experience Management Transformation, which is “The professional practice of engaging relevant stakeholders, at scale, across all aspects of a business transformation, ensuring optimal program definition, risk management, and business outcome realization from the program.” XM for Digital Transformation Methodology has been embedded into the tasks within the SAP Activate implementation roadmap and helps customers establish a strong practice of Experience Management (XM) in their transformation and enable them to safeguard the success of the implementation using XM Principals. The various tasks and accelerators are available by using the navigation tag XM Transformation and find related content such as Self-Enable on Experience Management , Conduct Readiness Assessment Survey, Deliver Program Alignment Survey and more.

  • Added a new deliverable Conversion Readiness and three new tasks Perform SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANAConduct Functional Review Workshop, and Conduct Technical review workshop in the Discovery phase to provide additional guidance for customers to be more prepared when planning a system conversion project.

  • Added a new deliverable, Initial System Access for SAP Business Technology, and two new tasks: Access to SAP Business Technology Platform with instructions on how to access the system after the provisioning is complete and Create Users in the SAP Business Technology Platform Cockpit with instructions on how to create users once the initial user has logged in.

  • Updated the project plan folder available in the Roadmap Viewer under the “Download Project Plan” to include the latest updates. The project Plan contains a Microsoft project plan template, a Microsoft Excel and an XML file populated with roadmap content.

  • Updates to the Roadmap Graphic to reflect all changes made. The graphic can be found in the Overview section.

  • Various improvements based on the feedback we continue to gather from our stakeholders, partners and customers

The updated content can be found in the SAP Activate Methodology for RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition here. See the release notesfor a complete list of all improvements.


SAP S/4HANA Test Automation Tool 2208 Release

The focus for the 2208 release has been on localization capabilities, and enabling features for customers to run Post Upgrade Tests (PUT) on their own.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Support for API automation all S/4HANA Cloud public APIs (excluding outbound APIs).

  • Support for recording of custom UI automates in any language.

  • Test Data Container can be used for Post-Upgrade Test executions.

  • Support to download or upload multiple Test Data Containers.

  • Upload and download multiple test processes at once (3SL specific)

We have delivered innovations over the past few releases making it easier for customers to run and analyze PUT results on their own. With the 2208 release we are piloting this process with multiple customers.

Run simple – SAP Activate – Accelerate and simplify the adoption of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.As always, I encourage you to subscribe to our podcast “Inside SAP S/4HANA” and follow the SAP Activate tagon SAP Community. The podcast leverages the unique knowledge and expertise of SAP S/4HANA product experts, partners and customers to address your needs by sharing product insights and project best practice. There is no customer success without product success and project success; we help you get to the next level and make your SAP S/4HANA projects a success. Subscribe now and benefit from the shared knowledge.


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