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Dear Community,

Finding out where in the ABAP code a message has been raised is really easy now! Read this article and discover how to do it!

When you get an error and you double click, you get a pop up called Performance Assistant showing information about the cause of the error and how to correct it. But sometimes you, technical guys, wonder were in the ABAP code the message was raised (Maybe because the explanation given in the long text is not clear enough for you). By reading the ABAP code before the error sentence is executed or setting a break-point before, you can understand better the reason a given error occurred.

I will show you how it works with an easy example:

Let's go to transaction SE38 and type the name of a program that you know beforehand it does not exist and try to display the code. of course you will get an error message:

Click on the error message, below on the screen to open Performance Assistant:

Now click on the new button that will take you to where the ABAP sentence "message" was raised.

by reading the code, you learn that all ABAP program names are read from view ‘PROGDIR’ on transparent table REPOSRC.

Do your tests with any program of your choice and enjoy this new feature!

Can't wait to have it in your system?

Implement the following Support Packages:

In addition to the above Support Packages, make sure to update your kernel version.

ABAP message navigation is implemented in the standard system as of AS ABAP 7.72 with SAP

In addition, make sure to update your kernel version” (to the patches mentioned below or higher):


Kernel Release Patch Level
SAP KERNEL 7.22 610
SAP KERNEL 7.45 715
SAP KERNEL 7.49 510
SAP KERNEL 7.53 112

Related notes are 2566819 & 2615564

This feature is added to another tool that was added to the Performance Assistant in 2014 called PANKS:

Got an error message? The new tool PANKS is here to help you!

Best regards,