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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this blog post, I would like to briefly highlight the new configuration options available in S/4HANA Cloud Essentials in 2002 release.

The list here is determined by reviewing the new SSCUI's delivered in the Expert Configuration and SSCUI Reference accelerator available on the roadmap viewer. You may open this document, select the '2002 S4H Cloud' tab and 'New Items' to filter the list to SSCUI's delivered in this release for your area of interest.

Note - For an overview of new innovations for OTC in 2002, please see Christian's post here.

New SSCUI's & Impact:

Set up Material & Customer Listing or Exclusions
The listing/exclusion functionality existed before, but the ability to configure it to business needs is now introduced with 5 new SSCUIs. These functionality allows you to set up controls so that for example, only materials that are on a list that you've set up can be sold to a specific customer - or alternatively, so that materials that you've stipulated cannot be sold to a specific customer.

So for example - I want it so that in my business, Customer: Fabrics & Friends Inc. cannot purchase materials TG12 and TG13 - This functionality allows me to control that via exclusion.

The new configuration allows modification of access sequences, definition of different listing/exclusion procedures and also to indicate which types of sales documents the listing/exclusion procedure is relevant for. Note that listing/exclusion is limited to pre-defined tables:

  1. Customer/Material

  2. Customer / Material / Unit of Measure

  3. Plant / Material / Unit of Measure

  4. Customer / Material / Organziational Unit
    *The Org units defaulted here are Sales Org and Distribution Channel

Set Up Text Determination for Sales Document Item

This SSCUI joins pre-existing SSCUIs that allowed control of the text that is determined for display on the Customer Master, Sales Document Header, Delivery document Header and Invoice Header.

With this SSCUI the text determination can now be stipulated for each of the Sales Document line items within the sales document. So for each billing item, you can stipulate what type of texts are available - and where the text comes from. For example, you may set it up so that you'd like the Delivery Text to be visible to your sales clerk in order creation - also so that the text can be passed to the Delivery Document Items - you could now add this:

Billing Document Numbering

A set of new SSCUIs have been added to the area of sales billing enhancements. These delivery additional options to control billing document numbers via custom routines and logic.

An excellent video guide on how to do this, demonstrating the functionality this refers to - has already been shared here in the S/4HANA Cloud Customer Community site. This guide shows you how to achieve a business outcome where for example, you may want invoices in Germany (DE) to be generated as DE00000001 while US invoices are generated as US0000001 etc.

The SSCUIs include the possibility to consider header-level custom fields in billing document numbering determination.

*Note that flexible billing document functionality via a custom routine was previously available, but the new 2002 SSCUIs allow self service configuration of the billing document prefix, number range and formula logic for application.

Assign Purchase Order Types

This SSCUI allows you to define a code and description for purchase order types. You may then track in your sales order whether for example the purchase order was sent by EDI, E-mail, Phone etc.

Assign Item Categories

This SSCUI allows you to select for the pre-delivered item categories whether or not rounding is permitted for that item category. This may be useful for example where you would like to enable the system to round the value that is ordered to match the amount that is eligible for delivery in the event that it is different. So for example, if 10 boxes are ordered byt the customer but via other master data and configuration you've maintained, you have indicated that the delivery must be in multiples of 25 boxes because this matches a pallet - you might allow the system to round to meet the delivery quantity using this checkbox.


I hope you've found this useful.

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