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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Open Letter on How Small and Midsize Business (SMB) Leaders 
Can Support Customers' IT & Business Challenges!

Accounting Firms | Management Consultants | Advertising |
Law Practices | Chambers of Commerce | Associations | Start-ups

– Part 1 in the continuous series: Read Part 2

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Hello everyone!

Over the last 2 decades I have gotten to know SAP first-hand first as employee and now as a small business and management consulting firm, with my talented team. The key reasons why we continue to team with SAP include:

  • The People - Employees, customers, partners, and experts are a great group

  • The Culture - Fast paced, high energy, integrity, smart, diverse, and cutting edge

  • The Growth - Participating with winning teams at a global, regional, and local level

Now I’m excited about the SAP Trusted Advisor & Referral (STAR) Community, with 50 organizations as current members and growing, for 4 reasons.

  1. VIP Treatment - Working with customers on our core expertise related to SAP Jam implementation and adoption, we see opportunities for customers to address solutions such as procurement, learning management systems, customer care, and sales force automation.

    • Now we have an outlet to help our customers by getting the VIP treatment in working with the community.

    • SAP Ambassadors will work with both us and the customer to assess their business and IT requirements and stay close with us.

  2. SAP Connections - Thinking back to my days prior to teaming with SAP, I remember how challenging it could be to make the right connections. With the STAR Community I can post a comment or idea and reach out to the Ambassador team who will do everything they can to help us get to the right expert or point of contact to support our customers.

    • With any large organization including SAP the faster I connect to the right people or teams the faster I can help my customers.

  3. Networking - Extending my network and adding value to my current one is a big plus. Previously, much of my work as a small business was with midsize and larger organizations. Now I can make more connections with peers, SAP, and the STAR Community members

  4. Referral Fees (€$) - Knowing that this program has a referral fee of up to 25K Euros is not a primary driver for us but certainly a nice to know option.

Previously, my friends who run (or work for) accounting firms, management consulting businesses, law firms, ad agencies, chamber of commerce and venture capital organizations and I had very little in common on a SAP professional level. By being a part of the STAR Community we are now able to exchange ideas involving one or more of the following:

The STAR Community is bringing a bunch of us together. Bridging our expertise. Creating new relationships. Inspiring our professional interests.

As I think about my contacts, friends, colleagues, and look through LinkedIn I realize there are so many that will benefit. I look forward to the next steps of our journey to support customer’s IT and business challenges --- in a small or big way --- and to know that SAP and this community is with us, every step of the way!

I wonder who do we all know that will benefit from this community???

Join today. Invite others to participate

Members can click HERE. If you are new to the STAR Community, then register for access:

Best regards,

Rich Blumberg
President, World Sales Solutions, LLC
SAP Jam Global Practice Leader

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