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SAP Readiness Check for SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge is a self-service toolset to assess the status of your existing SAP BW 7.x or SAP BW/4HANA system in preparation for a conversion to SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge. SAP Readiness Check evaluates the compatibility of the analyzed source system with SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge and provides a comprehensive overview of various topics required to be analyzed for the conversion process. As a result, the toolset helps to identify required preparative activities and even possible pre-projects for your system well before the transition project starts. Additionally, SAP Readiness Check enables you to understand respective effort and implications. This early insight means that you can scope and plan your transition project with a higher degree of accuracy.

Since the SAP BW systems in the environment may differ, we recommend running SAP Readiness Check for SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge for every system you are planning to convert.

The tool includes the following system-specific information about adjustments required for the conversion to SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge:

    • Overview of active SAP BW objects


    • Compatibility of SAP BW objects


    • Readiness of connected source systems


    • Add-on inventory


    • Compatibility of custom code



Overview of active SAP BW Objects

The Object Overview check scans your complete SAP BW 7.x system for active SAP BW object types. This list will help you identify which objects are being used. Further analysis with the object compatibility section and the precheck tool (see SAP Note 3141688) can be performed to assist in the project planning.

The Recently Use Count in the details table indicates that the SAP BW object has been identified by the available statistics, and that the object was used within the past two years of the SAP Readiness Check execution.


Compatibility of SAP BW Objects

The Object Compatibility check scans your complete SAP BW 7.x system for all types of SAP BW objects. For each SAP BW object type, the check counts the number of instances, for example, the number of InfoCubes configured in your system and determines if the objects are compatible with SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge.


Incompatible objects are split into objects that can be converted automatically (you can see which tool to use in the detailed view) and objects that will require a manual redesign, or a deletion. If incompatible objects are found, the corresponding simplification item and a link to its documentation are displayed.

If you want a detailed analysis that tells you which individual objects in your system are compatible with SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge, can be converted automatically, or need manual redesign, install and run the precheck tool (see SAP Note 3141688).



The Add-Ons check provides an overview of the add-ons that are installed in the analyzed system. Add-ons are not supported in SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge.


If there are third-party add-ons found in the analyzed system, contact the vendor directly to confirm if there is a recommendation for use cases in SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge.


Source System Readiness

With SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge, several source system types are no longer available and must be replaced or redesigned with compatible alternatives. In most cases (source systems in any SAP NetWeaver application), this means using operational data provisioning (ODP) source systems instead of those based on service API (SAPI).


The Source System Readiness – Details section shows the connected source systems, connection type, status, and corresponding information or an error message for the source system.

SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge only supports ODP-based source systems. Supported ODP contexts are:


ODP – SAP (Extractors)




Custom Code Compatibility

Custom code may appear at various places in a typical SAP BW system. Most prominent is usually business logic implemented in transformations, which is used to enhance, check, and modify data during loading activities. But there are many more occasions in which custom code can be and is used in an SAP BW application.

As part of the code clean-up activities when developing the SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge code line, obsolete data types, APIs, function modules, and so on have been removed. Due to this, some custom code may not be compatible with SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge anymore (syntax errors or non-functioning).


The charts in the Custom Code Compatibility details view show an overview of potential custom code compatibility issues. The issues are grouped by the area they were found in (that is, the SAP BW object the custom code is related to), and by type.

In the section below, you can switch between data tables, which contain all findings by area, including information about how to resolve the issue and where to find more information.


Data Collection for SAP Readiness Check for SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge

To perform the data collection for SAP Readiness Check for SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge, implement SAP Note 3352301 – SAP Readiness Check for SAP Datasphere BW Bridge - Central Note.

Execute the program RC_BW_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA via transaction SA38 in the productive client of the production system to schedule and download the data archive by performing the following three steps:

    1. Select SAP Datasphere. SAP BW Bridge in the report UI.


    1. Choose Schedule Analysis to schedule the master job to collect data.


    1. Once the data collection jobs finish, choose the Download Analysis Data option from within the program RC_BW_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA.

Create the new SAP Readiness Check analysis by performing the following steps:

    1. Open the SAP Readiness Check landing page.


    1. Choose Start New Analysis, complete the presented form, and choose Create. At this point, the data contained within the compressed file is being uploaded and processed in the SAP Readiness Check application, which is a cloud-based solution owned by SAP.
      Once the data is completely processed, the analysis status will change from In Preparation to Available, which indicates that the analysis is available for viewing.

Optional: To generate an offline version of the results in a word processing program, choose Generate Document at the top of the dashboard view.