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This blog is to give a small introduction of the new Fiori „Home Overview” screen which is introduced with the 1711 release of SAP Business ByDesign.  This new home overview screen is only valid for the new html5 client and not the Silverlight client.


First startup

At the first time the new home overview page will start, it will migrate the reports which have already been added to the home overview page for this user in the Silverlight client.


If a user doesn’t have any report added to the home overview page in the Silverlight client the system will do a first guess by checking the workcenter assignment and the related reports.

The new overview page will restart once the first preparation is done. The preparation is a one-time action and will not be performed anymore. After the preparation is done the content of the new overview page can only be influenced in the personalization mode.


Adding new content is done by opening the content gallery and selecting a KPI or Report via the pushpin button and confirming it via the apply button.


Changing the properties of a KPI, or Report card like the

width the card occupied from the page,

the selected view of a report,

the selection of a report and

the property if the kpi card should display the underlying report itself or only the kpi,

can be changed in personalization mode via the settings button on the card itself.


Once the settings button is pressed the card will flip around and the configurable properties will be shown.



The property changes will influence the card once they are confirmed via the apply button. Cancel will just ignore them.

Deletion of a card can be done via the cross button on it,


or via the context-menu (right mouse click).


The quicklink cards cannot not be deleted in personalization mode with the 1711 release, because it is not yet possible to add them via the gallery. That’s why this card doesn’t display the cross button on it but in the context-menu there is an entry to hide these entities and the hidden entities can be displayed again via the sidecar.


The position of a card on this new overview page can be change in the personalization mode by just moving a card to a new position via drag & drop.

Please mention: Since the new overview page has a dynamic layout implemented the layout will look different if the sidecar is open, because the overview page content has less space available as long as the sidecar is open. This might be confusing, because the layout the user saves looks different when the personalization mode is stopped and the sidecar is closed. To overcome this, you could just close the sidecar any time by pressing the question mark icon on the top menu. This will close the sidecar without stopping the personalization mode and the width the content of the overview page occupied.

Once you have done the personalization, don’t forget to save it ;-).