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Hello everyone!

We are very happy to announce the Go Live of a new feature for our SAP Readiness Check tool: a "Learn More" side panel laying out result-specific next steps and recommendations for each tile.

Why we came up with this:

As you probably know, the SAP Readiness Check is a tool that provides system-specific information spanning a number of topic areas, helping you to assess the readiness of your system for a conversion to SAP S/4HANA.

To support you with the interpretation of your results in each tile, you up until now had the option to display additional information and explanations using the “i” icon at the top of each tile.

However, this button was sometimes missed by our customers and the information in it was not always comprehensive enough to be fully able to interpret their results and deduce next steps for their project planning from it.

Therefore, we removed the "i"- icon and replaced it with a new space and design for this information, with the aim to be easily recognized, user-friendly and concise: The "Learn More" side panel.

What's in it:

We enriched the information text greatly and so the side panel has now the following content structure for each tile:

Next steps

Next steps and additional sources (SAP Notes, links, services) are provided to guide you towards possible follow-up actions addressing your analysis results. The next steps are generic and customer-specific (specific to your own results displayed in the respective tile - if available). These next steps can serve as a starting point for your transformation project. However, they are not intended to be a complete set of next steps that are required before, during, and after the project.

General information

In this part, the following information is available:

  • General information about the check/topic and what it is about

  • Explanation of check-specific categories/parameters (if applicable)

  • Information about how to interpret the data/check results (if relevant)

  • Relevance of the topic for your transition project

  • Background information (if relevant)

Remarks (if applicable)

If relevant for the specific check, a “remarks” section is provided to inform you of additional information, which needs to be highlighted for your awareness.

What it looks like and how to find it:

The side panel is closed by default. Once it has been opened, the following layout sizes are available:

  • Initial size: 33% of the screen

  • Full-screen mode: 100% of the screen

To open the side panel, click the “Learn More” button in the top-right corner on the dashboard overview page (1) and within each tile (2):




More SAP Readiness Check sources:


SAP Readiness Check Team