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Coming back from very exciting days @SapphireNow conference still buzzing from the energy I experienced in all my engagements with our customers and partners. This was a very strong year for #S4HANA Cloud at Sapphire, because the market for cloud to speed up business transformation is exploding. And I am thrilled by the vivid, innovative and energetic cloud community that is building up at this speed!! WOW!

There are a few reasons why I truly believe this is the case:

// Cloud ERP is real - In our world of digital transformation, the journey to business transformation and innovation is about real business processes, real innovations and making it easy for companies to adopt and roll-out innovative processes within their enterprise as well as in their subsidiaries. This was underlined by all the great companies sharing their experiences during the event - like Geeorge Guardian of Kaar in our joint session ‘Harness Hybrid ERP Best Practices Across Your Enterprise‘.

// Businesses today are investing in transforming their business processes, and the technology needed to support them. We are adding more intelligence to the core of the solution. We leverage the latest innovations in machine learning, predictive analytics and digital assistance. All of it designed to vastly enhance automation, strategic impact and contextual support. So more business buyers want to know what SAP has to offer, and a greater number of business leaders find great value in attending SAPPHIRE today. This was demonstrated by the enormous presence of our action packed days with sessions and demos around S/4HANA Cloud and the excellent media coverage of our 1705 release and SAP’s increased focus on S/4HANA Cloud over the past three days.

// Cloud transformation is not easy - So hearing from the companies like Plaut, Chermours, Adita and Kaar on stage and many more in on-site conversations who are successfully navigating their way through change has great value for others. And understanding their concerns and requirements along the way has great value for us as SAP to make this transition as smooth as possible.

// The message of being the smart companion to navigate the data jungle resonates with our customers, because it’s not just something we understand about our own clients, it’s something they are experiencing with their clients as well. Having analytical applications with cloud-based access to all data sources; collaborative intelligence to help companies understand and react to the changing work environment; and finally, intelligent assistants that take away the tedium of repetitive tasks.

And here are my personal highlights from this year’s SAPPHIRE:

  • “We want to focus on what matters and cut out the corporate cholesterol. We want healthy companies to lead the way as best run businesses.” This quote from Bill couldn’t be more true about what we live and breathe every day. And seeing the growing number of customers like MOD Pizza for instance growing very quickly thanks to SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the fuel we run on every day.

  • The customer panel on Accelerate Digital Transformation with SAP S/4HANA where customers, including Adita Technologies, shared their various implementation approaches and how they derive business value. Hearing it live from our customers is always a great opportunity for us to gain new ideas, gain first-hand insights about our mutual journey.

  • Interacting with influencers was as always high on the agenda, great feedback and kudos we made it clear: "... the future of ERP is in cloud." If there have been any doubts before, now there are not any longer

  • Meeting with first time attendees from customers and partners, via the blue ribbon program is encouraging as always - interesting to boil it down for them in most simple terms and connecting them with other

  • Last but not least - the show floor: thanks to all customers, partners and for sure my colleagues to make this happen. It was extremely professional managed and having 175+ sessions related to SAP S/4HANA is unique. I am humbled to see this and being executed well

All told, it was a great week for me at Sapphire 2017 seeing that intelligent business transformation is at the heartbeat for us and our clients. I look forward to sharing more about our journey to delivering intelligence into the ERP world and how our customers can create value from it.


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