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In my last series of blogs I described several new features which are available via the Web user interface in Enterprise Asset Management.

All these topics are bundled in the EhP7 Business Function “LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY_3” and do not require any additional license on top of the existing enterprise foundation license.

Quickviews – what is behind it?

You are looking for an easy way to view important object information without leaving the actual screen?

On the SAP Web UI for Enterprise Asset Management you are now able to define so called “Quickviews” for maintenance documents, technical objects, materials, and long texts that are assigned to orders, notifications, task lists, and maintenance plans.

A Quickview is a read-only UI element which allows the user, at runtime, to view additional information (not displayed on the current screen) about an object without having to navigate to other screens. Like a tooltip, a Quickview appears (and disappears) on the UI during a mouse-over action by the user and shows the most important and/or most useful information regarding that object.

See here a short video which shows how this can look like:


Quickviews are available for the following Enterprise Asset Management objects:

  • Technical Objects (functional location / equipments)
    • Quickviews for the superior technical objects and the installed pieces of equipment
  • Notifications
    • Quickviews for the technical objects, the assigned orders, the activities and the long text
  • Maintenance Orders
    • Quickviews for the technical objects, the assigned notifications, the materials and the long texts
  • Maintenance Plans
    • Quickviews for the technical objects and the maintenance plan (on the General Data tab of the maintenance item)
  • Materials
  • Long Texts

Quickviews appear as separate windows during a “mouse over” and can provide information as well as links. In the Quickview for a piece of equipment, for example, the category, manufacturer, location, and status information are displayed as well as a link to the functional location where it is installed.

A direct access to more information on these new EAM features is available via the innovation discovery tool. You can access the tool here:

I will continue to post such videos on the new functionality in the near future.

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