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Hello All,


I would like to share some information and experiences regarding the MIR7 transaction.
In summary, this transaction is used to park an invoice, which means an invoice document number is created but not posted for further payment.


Our colleague Pablo Casamayor asked for new enhancements for this transaction. Therefore, I talked to a developer colleague about it. After a few discussions, we didn't come up with an enhancement, but with a new integration: with Ariba. For details read these SAP Notes:

1991088 - Release Information Note for Ariba Integration for SAP Business Suite, Integration from SAP ERP to Ariba Network, ARBERPI1 600: Support Packages
1968355 - Ariba integration part II: Parking invoices from Ariba


Specific to MIR7 transaction, SAP Note 1968355 explains what is new, and basically, a new type "J" is added to domain IVTYP (Origin of a Logistics Invoice Verification Document). Therefore, when you see in the RBKP table the field IVTYP = J, this means the invoice comes from the Ariba network and is initially parked in the ERP / S/4HANA system.


Ariba integration with ERP / S/4HANA is a success and I already worked in several cases related. The main component with SAP that deals with it is the BNS-ARI-SE-ERP, which means scenarios involving Ariba Integration Add-On for ERP.


Now, moving to a different scenario, I recently worked in a case where a user needed a mass update of Posting Date in MM parked documents (invoices parked via MIR7 transaction).
After discussing this scenario with a colleague from the FI area, we found out that for FI parked invoices there is a way to perform this mass update.
For MM parked invoices there is a workaround involving custom code: it is possible to create a Z program with a Z interface, where the User will enter a list of MM parked invoices; then, this Z program would call BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CHANGE to pass the list of parked invoices, and these documents could get updated with the new Posting Date using the standard BAPI code.
SAP does not recommend the usage of custom code as this may generate inconsistencies. In this case, if you are interested in this custom change, ensure to create it first in a test system and perform several tests before moving it to Production.


Another case I worked with, is related to undeleted MM parked invoices in the purchase order history. This is generally caused by the usage of Z programs/functions in the middle of the standard code. The good news is that there is the report Z_DELETE_HIST_PARKED that may help with cases like this. For details, read SAP Note 595535.


Last but not least, follow some documentation I found useful:

SAP KBAs - 2 different scenarios:

2100615 - MIR7 keeps proposing PO values even though parked invoices exist
2036711 - T-code MIR7/FV60: BKPF-PPNAM is updated with different values

SAP Help - Parking with Workflow:

Document Parking
Parking: Complete Invoices for Posting
Parking: Release of Invoices Completed for Posting


Carla Bussolo

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