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Product and Topic Expert
During conversion to S/4HANA, the Software Update Manager orchestrates the migration of all data into the new S/4HANA data model except for Financial data.  Before the financial data can be migrated additional configuration is required in the new S/4HANA system to finalize the financial data model target that will ultimately receive the financial data.  The Migration Monitor is the tool that facilitates the Finance Data Migration into S/4HANA.  The Migration Monitor follows a set of predefined stepped activities in a specific order (due to dependencies) to automatically migrate all finance data.  Error detection is finely tuned providing the operator control on how to process any errors.

The Migration Monitor can be accessed via the IMG activity “Conversion of Accounting to S/4HANA > Data Migration> Start and Monitor Data Migration” or by executing transaction code FINS_MIG_STATUS.

To view details of a data migration run, locate the Status of Current Migration Run> Status Group box. This group box displays the information on the latest data migration run in the system. From here you can start or stop an activity of the current data migration run, repeat check activities, and reschedule activities.    You can also navigate into the detailed log of any activity containing the errors that caused the activity to be marked by a red traffic light.

In this blog post series, you will be able to learn about the

Part One -Instructions on resetting migration steps when encountering errors

Part Two - Instructions on how to navigate to analyze errors generated during the program execution and information and recommendations for possible solutions

Part One

Instructions on resetting migration steps when encountering errors

If an activity ended with issues which have not been marked as accepted, the migration process stops and the activity is marked with a red status. In order to proceed, you have to either accept the errors or correct the cause of the errors and reset and repeat the activity step.

In order to reset and repeat migration activities, you need to navigate to Control tab and

  1. Mark the activity from which on you want to start reprocessing the migration

  2. Press the button "Set next activity"

  3. Press “Resume Migration button at the top of the transaction.

The system will reset the data of this step and all subsequent steps to the state before the migration.

Another option to reset and repeat an activity is with the FINS_MIGRATION_RESET report. This report verifies the accurate sequence of migration activities and allows resetting a specific work package. It's important to mentioned that this program shall only be used in emergency cases,  where repeating the complete activities via FINS_MIG_STATUS would be too  time consuming and may endanger the migration schedule.

In summary, the Migration Monitor (t-code FINS_MIG_STATUS) is responsible of the Finance Data Migration into S/4HANA.  The Migration Monitor offers options to reset and repeat a migration activity step in case of process stopping errors.  Be mindful to the fact that all errors must eventually be resolved or accepted as irrelevant, otherwise the data conversion may be incorrect in the new S/4HANA target system.

For additional information please see SAP Note:

2270540 - SAP S/4HANA Finance Migration: Reset and repetition of migration steps


Hopefully this is helpful, please add in the comment section any other topics you think are valuable to have included in this blog post.

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