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I am a Technical Consultant with SAP Concur and work with customers that wish to interface their data with Concur Expense and Concur Invoice. I regularly work with customers that use APIs to manage the data exchange between their systems and the Invoice solution provided by SAP Concur. Recent release notes from SAP Concur state that the Vendor API version 3.0 was deprecated on 02/01/2023 and will be decommissioned on 11/30/2023. Customers will need to migrate to Vendor API version 3.1 before 11/30/2023. This deprecation is required per SAP’s Export Control and Trade Sanctions, as the vendor country is now a required field for SAP Concur.



An application and authentication token are required for access.  Please see this post on authentication and application building with Concur Invoice if you are unfamiliar with this process. The application requires the following scope.


Works with these SAP Concur solutions:

Invoice – Standard
Invoice – Professional
Note: This API is not available in the China data center.



SAP Concur’s Vendor API allows customers to develop processes that can be used to manage the Vendor collection for invoicing, adding new Vendors, updating, getting, or deleting information for existing Vendors.


What is changing

The following are changes that must be made to migrate from the SAP Concur Vendor API from v3.0 to v3.1.

URL Change

These three (3) fields which were optional are now required:

  • Currency Code

  • Country Code

  • State/Province (if applicable)


How to Address the changes

The URL must change to address the deprecation of the SAP Concur Vendor API. Vendor 3.1 has a different URL than the previous version.

Deprecated Vendor v3.0 URL /api/v3.0/invoice/vendors
Supported Vendor v3.1 URL /api/v3.1/invoice/vendors

Parameters that are now required.

Name Type Format Description
CurrencyCode string - The Vendor Currency Code
CountryCode string - The Vendor Country Code
State string - * Please see below

* The Vendor State. The State fields are now required if the selected vendor is in a country that by definition requires the state or region to be populated due to the SAP Export Control and Sanctions Compliance Policy. If a country is not completely embargoed, the State field will be required, and the field value validated against the embargoed states. If the selected vendor is from a non-embargoed country, then the State field is not mandatory.


Attempts to use the Vendor 3.1 API without a <CountryCode> passed will result in this error.


Attempts to use the Vendor 3.1 API without a <CurrencyCode> passed will result in this error.


Attempts to use the Vendor 3.1 API to import a <CountryCode> that violates the SAP Export Control and Sanctions Compliance Policy will result in this error.



SAP Concur’s Vendor API version 3.0 is being decommissioned on 11/30/2023. Customers must migrate to the Vendor API version 3.1. To continue managing vendors via API, the Vendor API 3.0 calls must be modified so that a new URL and 3 additional fields are used. If this change is not made by the decommission date of 11/30/2023, customers will lose access to the Vendor API version 3.0. The import process for vendor data will stop working and new vendor data will not be processed into the system.


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