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  • Warning message AAPO123 issued during AUC (Asset Under Construction) retirement posting / transfer retirement posting
  • Field ‘Deactivation date’ (ANLA-DEAKT) in AUC master data is not entered automatically by retirement posting if message AAPO 123 is ignored and AUC retirement is posted
  • SAP Release Independent
  • SAP R/3 Enterprise PLM, SCM, Financials Extensions

Reproducing the Issue
  1. Create an investment order via T-code:KO01 or WBS element via T-code:CJ01, in which CO object investment profile with summary settlement has been assigned
  2. Settle above CO object to AUC via T-code:KO88 or T-code: CJ88
  3. AUC is generated automatically by the settlement posting of step 2
  4. Use T-code: ABAVN to retire the AUC or use T-code: ABUMN to post complete transfer retirement to the AUC
  5. Warning message AAPO 123 issued when you push ‘Simulate’ button
  6. If you ignore AAPO 123 and save the retirement/transfer retirement, the retirement transaction can be posted but field ‘Deactivation date’ (ANLA-DEAKT) in AUC master data is not filled automatically by the retirement posting
In general, AUC generated from investment measure shall be retired automatically by a final settlement process which settles AUC to a real asset. In case, you manually retire an AUC which links to an active investment measure, AAPO123 (or AK005) issues and the AUC will not be completely retired (ANLA-DEAKT is empty).
If you want to perform manual retirement to an AUC which links to an investment measure, you need to follow the procedure below to have both AUC retired and have investment measure closed at same time.
1, Ignore AAPO123 and post complete retirement to AUC via T-code: ABAVN or T-code: ABUMN
2, Use T-code: KO02 or T-code:CJ02 to close the CO object which the AUC belongs to
3, Use T-code: AS02 to set ‘Deactivation date’ (ANLA-DEAKT) manually in AUC master data

In addition, if WBS/order has investment profile with a line item apportionment, error AK005 will be prompted in retirement posting and process of SAP Note 23814 should be followed.  You can deactivate AK 005 (SAP Note 611586)  for a line item apportionment investment measures but this will generate inconsistencies.
P.S. you can refer to KBA 1923486 for more details.