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Darren Roos, President of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, is the man in charge of bringing SAP’s 40 plus years of ERP expertise to customers in the cloud. Earlier this month, Darren and his team announced significant enhancement to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, marking the first of four quarterly updates for 2017. Watch SAP TV’s Tea for Two to hear Darren explain what’s new and why the market is at a tipping point for ERP in the cloud.

But to get to know Darren a bit more, we spoke with about out what keeps him revved up both at work and home. A native South African, now living in England and the proud father of two young boys, below are five more things you need to know about Darren.

What’s your favorite time period?

I love living now. I like the disruption, the pace of change – it suites me well. Being from South Africa I grew up with a lot of change and thrive on it. And our business context is always survival-of-the-fittest; the requirement to change is high. I love it -- and how the world today demands that we evolve quickly.

Do you collect anything?

Fine watches. I have 14.

What’s the one thing you would keep if you had to get rid of everything?

I would keep my Rolex Submariner that started the collection. It’s a trusty watch. It’s not the flashiest but it’s what originated it all.

What’s the most important personal or professional lesson you’ve learned?

One that bridges both. It’s a saying I got from a friend, who’s father used to say it: “there’s no wrong way to do the right or right way to do the wrong thing.” It’s my moral compass.

When things get hectic, what’s your strategy to relax or decompress?

I watch rubbish TV. Right now I’m watching a show on Amazon Prime called Manhattan. It’s fiction but based on the making of the atomic bomb.