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Parallel accounting enables you to calculate the cost of goods manufactured based on various accounting principles. The underlying accounting principle is assigned to each ledger. By using ledger specific costing variants, costing types and valuation variants, you can calculate different material prices per ledger.

Now it is possible to calculate the price of costing objects (materials or sales order items) based on different ledgers, that is, based on different accounting principles (for example, accounting HGB and IFRS for the legal valuation view)

Apply ledger-specific cost rates for the valuation of internal activities in a material cost estimate

Apply ledger-specific material prices for the valuation of externally procured materials in a material cost estimate

It is also possible to release several cost estimates for different ledgers.


New costing variant needs to be created with new valuation variant for Product Cost Planning for each ledger.

Ledger-Specific Costing Variants With parallel accounting are introduced For material cost estimates:

P00L for ledger 0L

P02L for ledger 2L

P03L for ledger 3L

The configuration can be maintained for each ledger-specific valuation variants with the configuration steps Define Valuation Variants and Define Valuation Variants per Plant in the Manage Your Solution app under Configure Your Solution  Finance  Product Cost Planning.

Creation of Cost  Estimate using the ledger 

Here we need to select the costing variant relevant for each ledger for example : the costing variant P00l is relevant for ledger 0L, the similar way the costing variant P02L and P03L  needs to be selected for the costing estimate related to ledger 2L and 3L respectively.

Input the material number, Plant and relevant Cost Variant to perform the cost estimate.

The successful cost estimate should be saved as shown in the below screen

The successful cost estimate is saved.


Marking and release of Ledger specific standard price. 

The ledger specific cost estimate saved earlier can be released for each ledger.  before performing Marking and Release of the price, the process of marking allowance should issued for costing variant at Company  Code Level.


Select the costing variant P00L , we can ledger assigned to this costing variant.

click on issue marking allowance and once allowance is issued the line item became green.


Once marking allowance is done for specific ledger costing variant,  a regular process of marking and release of price can be done. The price released for each ledger is updated for the valuation of ledger specific inventories.

Business Benefits: 

The Universal Parallel Accounting concept enables parallel maintenance of price for each ledger level for the materials.  this feature supports reporting of different inventory  valuation for different accounting principle  such as IFRS and US GAAP etc...

Conclusion : 

Using this feature customer can maintain a different price for different accounting principle. the price can be updated by manually  for each ledger using the APP:  Manage Material Valuations and prices and Upload Material Inventory Price.