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In SAP S/4HANA 1902 Release, we introduced the Fiori Map Treasury Correspondence Format Data app in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

The app comes along with SAP-delivered regularly updated Treasury Correspondence formats, already configured to match country/region-specific bank requirements.

The user is able to create an entirely new Treasury Correspondence format mapping, to copy existing mappings and adjust it to match your requirements as well as import/export and delete mappings.

SAP-Delivered format mappings


In the SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1902 release, SAP offers two format mappings – MT300 and MT320


Foreign Exchange Confirmation

Confirms information agreed to in the buying/selling of two currencies

Fixed Loan/Deposit Confirmation

Confirms the terms of a contract relative to a fixed loan/deposit transaction

Creating New Mappings


Creation of a new mapping is possible by clicking the 'Create' button in the top menu. A pop-up window opens where you can define the name of the mapping, a description, and an output tree format. 

Copying Existing Mappings


The user is also able to copy existing mappings - either as a child or as a parent on the same level (this can be used to create a hierarchy to distinguish for example country/region-specific, bank-specific a process specific mappings). 

Copying trees can be used if you, for example, want to modify SAP pre-delivered mappings.

The relation can have several levels.

Deleting Old Mappings


If for some reason you need to delete any custom mappings (the payment format has become obsolete, you created a new mapping for the format), there is an added 'Delete' button in the top menu, which upon clicking will delete the custom version of the payment format mapping and if present, an unsaved draft.

Releasing Mappings


To release a format mapping for productive use, it must be activated. You release format mappings on the list display screen of the app. Search or filter for your desired active format mapping, select it in the list, then click the Release button. The format mapping is added to a transport request for use in the production environment.