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Map Payment Format Data

Video Guide


 Welcome to the Map Payment Format Data video guide. In this series of videos, I will try to explain how the application works and how to use it.

The app enables you to manage and modify the base SAP payment file formats to meet the requirements of your financial institution. You can model an externally defined bank format, and this allows you to send payment data in the required format.

1811 release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud introduced a new app, Create Payment Medium Formats which allows the user to create new Payment Medium Formats. Since Manage Payment Formats Fiori app is no longer used to create new formats but is used to create Payment Format Mappings, it has been renamed to Map Payment Format Data and is another part of the Payment Medium Format to Payment File process.

Map Payment Format Data application can be run by opening the Manage Your Solution tile, clicking on the Configure Your Solution button, searching for 'Map Payment Format Data' and clicking the Configure button in the Configuration Steps tab. To be able to run the application your user must have a SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT business role assigned.


Part one

The configuration of the app and Format Mapping Properties

In the first part, you will learn the process of configuration, which parts the main screens of the app are composed of and what options regarding the main properties of the mapping can you define.

Videoguide Part 1: Configuration


Part two

Node Types and Node Attributes

The second part explains the types of nodes used in the application, in which case each node is used and what fields can you use within the basic node sections.

Videoguide Part 2: Node Types and Attributes


Part three

Sources, Conditions, and Calculations

After defining Node Attributes, you must define Node Sources, Conditions and/or calculations. We will go through every field in those Node sections.

Videoguide Part 3: Sources, Conditions and Calculations




Learn more about Map Payment Format Data in the App Documentation.

Be sure to check out Map Payment Format Data in Fiori Apps Library.

Learn more about 1811 release of Map Payment Format Data here.