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Hello community!

Today I'm going to talk about the two applications: Manage Sales Orders (for Internal Sales Representative) and Manage Sales Orders - Services (for Internal Sales Representative - Professional Services). As they are very similar, it can end up confusing the user inside the applications, especially in authorization issues.

With the Manage Sales Orders (F1873) app, you can search for sales orders according to your filter criteria and display them in a list. From the list, you can execute different actions, like reject all items of one or more sales orders. You can also navigate to related apps, for example, to display sales order details, or you can display the process flow.

Check the Key Features. Scope Items and Business Roles/Catalogs of the application in SAP Fiori Library.

On the other hand, the Manage Sales Orders - Services (F0804) app is related to the sales orders that have been created for services within a customer project. You can use this app to search for sales orders and edit them.

Check the Key Features. Scope Items and Business Roles/Catalogs of the application in SAP Fiori Library.


There is a known error that can be caused by the incorrect use of the business roles of these two applications: Error message "You are not authorized to open the sales order" when trying to select a Sales Order in a project in Plan Customer Projects app.

This happens because of a missing authorization. In this scenario, the Sales Order is created via professional service and is necessary to assign the Business User to a role/business catalog that is related to the Manage Sales Order application for Professional Services.

To resolve this issue, it's necessary to assign the correct roles to the user. If you're getting this error, you probably don't have the Business Role or the Business Catalog for the Manage Sales Order - Services application, which doesn't allow you to open a sales order that it's inside a project.

Refer to the documentation KB0368708 for more details.


Hope this information is useful for you! I would greatly appreciate if you could share your feedbacks and thoughts in the comments.

Also, I encourage you to browse for other Community Topics that may be useful for you.


Thank you!

Best Regards,