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Implement flexible workflow in high risk indicator use case under in-app extensibility

1). Scenario Overview

a) Process Overview

This is a custom field requirement in S4 HANA CE by using In-app extensibility feature. The New custom field HSE Indicator to be available in PR Line item. The HSE Indicator field have set of list value “High”, “Medium” and “Low”. The HSE Indicator field is not a Mandatory field it will be manually updated in PR. The HSE indicator is carried automatically to PO based on PR. Based on the HSE Indicator set in PR the approval workflow is routed to different agent. The PO Form is updated based on the HSE Indicator set in PO line item.

b) Process Diagram

c) Detailed Sub Process Descriptions

In this POC we are creating a new custom field HSE Indicator will be present in PR line Item. The HSE indicator field have the set of list value “High”, “Medium” and “Low”. In PR the HSE indicator is manually updated. While creating the PO the HSE indicator is automatically updated from PR. The PO is created with reference to Purchase requisition.

The PR/PO Approval process is altered based on the HSE Indicator field. The PO forms are changed according to the HSE indictor field in PO line item.

2). In-app extensibility implementation - Add HSE indicator field into Manage Purchase requisition fields at item level

a) Added a field in App “Fields and Logic” below,

b) Created Custom Fields in below screen for Code List

c) Below Code List option is added,

d) Enabled it for relevant UIs

e) Enabled for below business scenarios

f) Opened Manage Purchase – Professional and clicked on the items. I have added HSE fields using Adapt UI option for the in-app extensibility

g) Similar steps followed for Manage Purchase Order APP.

3). Create custom business object as delegation of authority (DOA) to determine the agent and workflow steps.

a) We created below Custom Business Object

b) Below fields added,

3). Implement custom BADI in custom fields and logic to add pre-condition

a). Implementation of BADI in below screen is created as below to add logic to add precondition for HSE Risk Indicator,

4). Implementation of BADI in below screen is created as below to add logic for Agent determination,

a) Below screen has BADI details to implement to control the Agent determination for purchasing

b) Below logic we have added into the BADI for agent determination in workflow. There are filter also added to trigger by Purchase Requisition workflow. There are agent determination logic added in the below BADI to identify the agent based on the custom business object created in previous step.

c) After implementing this BADI and selecting the role under recipients “Agent Determination by BAdI”

5). Configure flexible workflow for purchase requisition

a) Create workflow and give proper name for the workflow

b) Add the start condition from the dropdown option in the fields. Multiple pre-condition can be selected to meet the workflow process

c) Add recipient Role and Agent determination by role

d) Step condition would be added by the custom pre-condition created in the previous steps

e) Step sequence to be created to achieve multi level approval considering financial approval as well.

f) Click on the Activate button to activate the workflow and define Step sequence to trigger the workflow as per the process order.

Now workflow set up is done. Go back to main screen

Create Purchase requisition and check myinbox app to approve the PRs