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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Welcome to this Blog post on “Mange Material Valuations” App. In this Blog post, I will provide the information regarding the various options related to material valuation in Manage Material Valuations App.


This SAP  Fiori app can be used to change material prices, mark prices for change, and release prices for material valuation. You can use this app to delete future price of material and to run analysis of material movements with material price history.

Key feature

  • Changes in Inventory price

  • Release Planned price

  • Valuation analysis shows quantity, rate and Value by Ledger, Currency type and Period

  • Material price history

  • Material movement by each material transaction

  • Upload material inventory prices

  • Delete future price

  • Display material standard cost estimate

  • Material price analysis

  • Changes in planned price by threshold

  • Inventory price and value by ledger, currency type and period

Manage Material Valuations

Material Price Analysis

This app used to analyze the price consumed for a particular Material in a plant. User can do the analysis by each material movements and track material price history. User can also display standard cost estimate from material master option in app.


  • Click on Material Price analysis from Manage material valuation app

  • Click on View and select Price history from option

  • Click on Prices to view price control, Standard price, PUP and Future price

Material Price Analysis

Change Inventory Prices (One Step)

This option helps you to change price of single material with immediate effect. It will change material costs for all price control and inventory is revaluated based on latest price. User can also use “Upload Material Inventory Prices” app to update multiple material prices at single steps.

Price must be updated for each ledger separately and user can change inventory prices per ledger.

Steps to change Inventory prices – One Step

  • Go to Manage Material Valuation app

  • Enter Plant and Material Code and click on Go button

  • Select the Material code with plant and ledger combination

  • Click on details icon


  • Click on Change Inventory price

  • Enter current date as posting date

  • Enter new price in Company code currency now

  • Select group currency row and click on convert price.

  • Click on Simulate and Save button

  • Price changed from immediate effect and inventory revaluated with new price


Change Inventory Prices (Two Step)

With this Process, First future price will be updated and then it will be released. System will update future planned price in current planned price on Release Planned Price Changes option from manage material valuation app.

Steps to change Future Price with Reference

  • Go to Manage Material Valuation app

  • Enter Plant and Material Code and click on Go button

  • Select the material with company code currency 10

  • Click on Change Future Prices with References dialog box

  • Enter below details as per screenshot


We have selected source standard price effected from next month and factor 1.1 which means future planned price will be updated based on standard price and it will increase by 10% due to 1.1 factor.

i.e., Standard price 13.50USD and future planned price is 13.50*110%= 14.85

Release Planned Price Changes

This option allow user to release planned price as standard price and it will also post revaluation accounting entry based on price changes in specific stock.

Steps to Release planned price changes

  • Go to Manage Material Valuation app

  • Enter Plant and Material Code and click on Go button

  • Select the material with valuation view

  • Click on Release Planned price changes dialog box

  • Enter below details as per screenshot and click on save button to release planned price.

Note From 2105 release, the price must be updated for each Ledger such as 0L and 2L OR 3L separately.


Delete Future Prices

This Option allow User to delete Future prices updated on material master. Users need to select line item and click on Delete Future Prices option in dialog box. It will delete future price from material master with selected valuation combination.

Hope this blog clarify various option in "Manage Material Valuations" SAP Fiori App.


You can find more information about apps from below links:



Thanks for reading this blog post. I would like to see your comments and would like to answer questions which u can post at Q&A tag area: https://answers.sap.com/tags/66233466-fcd6-45d2-a9ae-2cba38c72e19