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This blog post describes applicable for S/4HANA Cloud system administrators scenario: during the system implementation it is necessary to create a new business role by the business key user request. In the same time, business key user request includes name of the app, to which it is necessary to set up access, but not the business role name itself. As an example we will take the app "Display Dunning History".

Identifying business role name

To identify business role name, we will use Fiori apps library. In there we need to to to "All apps for SAP S/4HANA" -> All apps and enter then in search field name of the target app. In our case it is "Display dunning history":

In the next step we need to select the app in the left panel and go to the section "Implementation information" -> "Configuration" on the right.:

Afterwards scroll down to the section "Business Role(s)" and note down the role name:

Creating new role

In this part we will jump to S/4HANA Cloud system and open the app "Maintain Business Roles". There we need to click "New":

Provide custom business role ID, optional description and click "Create":

On the next screen go to the 3rd tab and assign the new role to the necessary user(s):

Once you save, the user(s) will have access to the app "Display dunning history".