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1. Background

In general, currency exchange rates can be maintained via Frioi app 'Currency Exchange Rates', however, if you haven't maintained the translation ratios for a currency pair, you may get error messages. For example the error message may be 'Maintain translation ratios for AFN / USD (exchange rate type M)'.

2. How to maintain translation ratios for currency pair

You can maintain translation ratios for currency pairs via SSCUI if business role template SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT has been added to your user.

Follow below steps to fulfill this requirement:

2.1. Open the Manage Your Solution app

2.2. Select Configure Your Solution

2.3. Set the filters as follows: Application Area: Finance and Sub Application Area: General Settings. Then you will see the configuration item, Currencies.

2.4. Web GUI Change View "Currencies: Translation Ratios" will open after you click Configure

2.5. Maintain the translation ratio of the currency pair for one exchange rate type, but if an alternative exchange rate type has been maintained, you must also maintain the ratio for alternative exchange rate type.

For example, AFN to USD for exchange type M has alternative exchange rate type AVG, then the ratio of AFN to USD for AVG must be maintained as well.

3. How to maintain currency exchange rate

Maintain currency exchange rates via Tile Currency Exchange Rates in business role template SAP_BR_GL_ACCOUNTANT.

When you create an exchange rate, the ratio will apply after you input the exchange rate type, from and to currencies, and validate from date.